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  1. Took her out last night started playing up straight away then mates dog caught a rabbit she went over the have a sniff and mates dog went for her, they had a scrap then she started running normal! And slayed a good few bunnies, a very weird dog I have here lads haha but I'm happy she's perking up
  2. I'm on permission everytime I go so I doubt a farmer or keeper has cracked her, and she has been zapped off a electric fence a while ago, long before she started acting like this. It's as if she's got very lazy and just thinks to her self f**ck that.
  3. No injuries no loud bangs or anything as I said there's no reason for why she's doing this I don't know what's up, and cheers giro
  4. My bitch collie grey is now 2, she used to be a great working dog and a pleasure to watch work day and night, and all of a sudden she's just jacked it! Go near a enter acne of a feild she cowers and if off her lead she will run and hide or lie down, I've tried walking into feild right up into sitters and when they get up and run she just turns her nose and doesn't want to know anymore. This has only been going on for the last month and a half and I have gave her no reason to act like this seriously do not know what is up for her, I never gave her hard slips or anything close to hedges/fences t
  5. last thing you want is a dog that is going to go for a mooch on its own rather than waiting for the bolting bunny, if he hasn't worked before maybe keep it leaded up and let it watch work on the dogs patience, catch a rabbit and give it him in a big open field to break in his hunting instinct atb
  6. Yess they always can clin up trees if it comes to it
  7. eBay collars and for leads local pet shop for a normal nylon lead works well
  8. Should be taking off !! Didn't even watch the full video but that fox got messed about the poor thing, cruel ! If they want the job done for foxes they should use the write tools, like using a butter knife to cut a block a wood with those dogs
  9. I know nothing of salukis and have been told that some lack of brains and can be dumb and heard if people being put off the breed and saliki x's because of this, but on the other hand I hav seen some collie x's that are daft as brushes and not the cleverest I like the thought of a little saluki in a cross although I don't own one, but my next pup I think I'm going to go for that little bit of saluki
  10. Does he REALLY need to breed a litter? Is the bitch THAT good. Or would he be better getting a pup that was exactly what he wanted? And not have to worry about all the shit that goes a long with breeding? Not a dig. . . . honest question. I know what you mean mate but honestly don't no he's just been asking for weeks what he should put over her haha !
  11. The ground we run most of it is easy going on the dogs and some other is quite hard going with heather and occasional rocks now and then and not ideal running grounds
  12. Whants the pups to be abit bigger, clever and racey
  13. A mate of mine is wanting to breed his half x beddy whippet in the future but doesn't no what with, any ideas what x would be handy to put over her ? I said a whippets grey might be ok or a collie whippet grey ??
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