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  1. Working Border Terrier Bitch pup View Advert Money waiting and must be off good working stock and ideally red grizzle bitch wanted. Advertiser noggin2511 Date 15/09/18 Price £300.00 Category Working Terriers  
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    Money waiting and must be off good working stock and ideally red grizzle bitch wanted.


    Whitehaven, Cumbria - GB

  3. Is there anyone who would be willing to offer me a days ferreting with nets and long nets and my couple of ferrets. I live in Cumbria but will travel a couple of hours Cheers
  4. If it marks it would be ideal and as for pushing rabbits out of cover my nephew as a greyhound/whippet cross who will catch them in most cases and he is also using longnets
  5. Cheers mate ill see if anything comes up and then maybe try that option if unsuccessfull
  6. Rabbiting Terrier bitch wanted for my nephew who has just got into ferreting. Ideal bitch would be under 18 months old and looking for a Border or Border Lakeland type that must work cover and ideally mark. Money waiting for the right dog and we live in Cumbria but are willing to travel for the right dog, Most grateful if a trial can be offered. PM me if the right dog is out there.
  7. Yeah we had a trip out on Boxing day on some permission i have had for years near to the M6/A66 but the rabbits are not about like they used to be.
  8. Hi Guys/Girls Would anyone be able to give me any advice on where to go ferreting these days as i have just started up again after 20 years. The reason for this is as my young son & nephew are really keen.We live in Cumbria but we are willing to travel a couple hours North/South from here where there are a few rabbits about. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks to the guy in glasgow for the recipe and guess what it works a treat 100% guaranteed.
  10. All the rivers in North West Cumbria are very quiet and if the fish are running late we need them to get a move on as there is only 5 weeks left. I have had 5 which is really poor for the time i have put in. The floods of 2009 as a lot to answer for i would say.
  11. How do they make the jam in Wales then pal
  12. Hello Jim Thanks for the advice and any advice on the topic above would be gratefull or even any contacts that would know about this. Cheers and Thanks again Noggin
  13. Hello All, Just become a new member and would like to join up with people who have intrest in all types of game fishing. Is there anyone out there who has heard of a bait called PUTTY/POATY or TOFFEE has it was once used by old cumbrian poachers for catching Sea trout.I was wondering how it was made and i know that the main ingredient is salmon roe but don't know what else is needed. If anyone out there knows send me a PM Cheers Nog
  14. Does anyone know any good baits for catching sea trout as i heard that the old cumbrian poachers used a bait called either Toffee/Taffy/Putty or POATY so is there anyone out there who knows about this stuff
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