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  1. think you need to give them to Fuji for a few weeks to get the muscle tone on them that his pair have
  2. nice one looks like some good land its an exciting time of year looking forward to hearing about these pups progress
  3. you got an obsession with that Paulus im gonna start calling you Adrian mole
  4. here a better idea why not add a couple coursing minded mods to help keep order keep things sensible and fair. bolio templeking maxhardcore inan any or all of them would get my vote for the job
  5. smart looking pup welcome to thl
  6. nice looking pup hows the sloughi pup coming along socks?
  7. very nice, good luck with him, can see the resenblance from the pic
  8. up to them fast then slows the hare down by boxing it up into tighter and tighter circles, stopping the hare going where it wants to til it can make a strike. that's the kind I like
  9. some very vivid imaginations on here mate, or wishful thinking. or both
  10. good dogs do the talking the owners dont need to
  11. so basically any dog except him this forum gets worse by the hour
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