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  1. Absolutely spot on Del and thanks for the prompt response. If the first slit is closer to the end of the strip the end might not stick out too much, alternatively could be trimmed afterwards. Think I`ll measure up for my two (Stafford & Lurcher). What natural colours are available?
  2. Ayup Del. Does the Biothane material allow for making returns like the ones in the photo? I like to use these so that there is no stitching or fasteners & wondered if I could use Biothane as an alternative to leather?
  3. Early mornings not a problem for me, my favourite time of day. Just not into the night-time stuff nowadays. The only people that should be out at night are prostitutes & policemen. Oh, and poachers!
  4. Might not be a bad idea to get him out with other dogs that already know the game. Permission seems a bit tight at the moment , but will use the summer to do a bit of crawling round the area.
  5. She loves it! Aye, I`ll keep on it now & drag my sorry arse out plenty more often.
  6. Suppose it`s down to me not being in any rush, or a lazy b*$/#*d. Just got him for a bit of daytime mouching, nowt serious.
  7. Waited 22 months to make sure this young dog was ready. Thought we`d better get him started before the end of the season. His 1st rabbit this morning. DSCF1592_zpsq3opuque.jpg1.html
  8. Save yourself a few bob! A used hacksaw blade will strip that coat no problem. A tip I got from a greyhound man years ago, works a treat!!!
  9. This ones put a couple up for the lurcher, bushes (sometimes), too slow & too big to be a "terrier" as such. Would never choose one to hunt with, but she`s great company out in the field..... Keen, just f#####g useless!! Good for blocking holes mind!!!
  10. Got to agree. I think the inabilities of the so called wardens & poor handling of the dogs was what frustrated me more than the low-life scum that mis-treated the dogs. It needs to be made harder to own & breed dogs...only thing is...has it gone so far that it is impossible to recover the situation? It would take a seriously hard line approach & an initial high number of dogs put to sleep to even make a dent in the problem. I wouldn`t mind having to be licensed to own or breed dogs, but I also think that it would have to be done affordably? Licensing alone won`t solve the situation, it would have to be in-line with other pre-requisite criteria & proof of capability of ownership etc...Christ...Where would would you start???
  11. Never heard of the c##t before, but found out he lives about 10 minutes from me. There`s now an day countdown on my calendar!!!
  12. I wouldn`t fret about it Dan. Mine was the same out in the field & in & out of the back of the Jeep. He`s 11 months now & still training as far as jumping is concerned, in fact this morning was the first time he cleared without touching the top of what is a reasonably low fence. I coaxed him gently by the collar & took small steps at a time. I won`t have him jump any higher yet until I`m absolutely sure that he can clear with confidence. It`s been slow going, but we`re getting there. He is in & out of the Jeep no problem at all now. Don`t risk injury in a such a young dog that`s still developing physically. It can be quite hard to be patient at times, but you will reap the rewards if you are. He`ll do it!
  13. I`m looking for a supplier in South Cumbria, preferably in the Furness area, if anyone knows of any, it would be much appreciated.
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