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  1. Irish


    Thank you for your time gnasher on the subject, we shall agree to disagree somewhat. Somewhat being the operative word. Michael
  2. Irish


    Didn't i read somewhere you only recently learnt to post a picture on here ? lol Joking aside, i do believe in what you say about pushing your body to levels and testing yourself. Are you saying it is totally for self satisfaction and nothing to do with sharing what you have achieved with others ? Body building being an art form, albeit hobbie based, i am sure there is a time one wants to show his art and get some gratification from others, even if its just from the training partner in the changing rooms. You didn't stand and pose for that photo for a pass port photograph ?? (catch my drift) There within is the exhibitionist i speak of. It is not a bad word or one to be ashamed of. To say it has nothing "to do with this preening the feathers thing you talk about" again sir i really do beg to differ. Can i join your gym ? lol ;+) Michael
  3. Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh
  4. Irish


    Yes exactly like JLS....very pretty haircut,lovely nose and teeth.......definately a fashion conscious homo ! JLS = Juice loaded Scouser ? Joking aside, man has had an infatuation with muscle mass and physical size for millenia, it is the old adage me tarzan you jane philosophy. Purely for his own personal satisfaction and nothing to do with vanity or masculinity ? i think i would beg to differ. That is why there are bodybuilding competitions, "COMPETITIONS" so one can pose, yes "pose" and show his masculinity and size at its finest being, all buff and brawn. To say there is no vanity in body building is a bit of a bluff, come on, again back to an inward urge to attract the opposite sex and procreate. One has to stand out, peacock style, be bigger and better than any competition he might have with other males. Weather you (we) like it or not it is an inbuilt animal'istic homosapien urge to look our best and preen those feathers and look and feel great against all other competition (some a lot more than other's i might add). I am not slandering the hobbie of body building, merely stating that in my opinion anyone that does this is not doing it purely for themselves, but surely there is self felt glory and satisfaction from low ranking males that suck up and praise men who have made the effort to build their bodies into this form. Exhibitionists come in all forms, and body building is one of them. This is not aimed solely at yourself gnasher, but my quote has stemmed from your posting a picture of yourself on a public forum and fore mentioning that your not vain or a poser or the likes, would you agree an exhibitionist? or argue against ? I whole heartedly praise you in your quest of physical achievement, i read your posts on this topic with interest, can i ask what age are you in the pic and would you recommend the hobbie of body building ? Yours in sincerity Michael.
  5. You don't even own the shoes your wearing ha ha ha
  6. That's the one fella ... Us welsh boys shag them and you Irish boys eat them .... Mmmmmm lovely ....... He's not Irish he is British, and they eat horse that we send over so i am sure sheep are not a problem to him either.
  7. Its like owning a piano and being called a pianist
  8. Barbie ??? you look more like f'kin ken in drag more like
  9. My point at hand sandy, no need to knock those who choose to add that "little bit extra" at the end of the day they, like you and i want the best they can for their animals. Kudos to you and your dog for making a recovery and getting back out there. I tip my hat.
  10. Good man Sirius, great post. With out a condescending attitude.
  11. Jackanory time !!! whats this got to do with the price of butter, or more to the point, dog owning civilians that couldn't care less what fido eats, comparing to the working (dog) men/woman who care a lot more what goes into their well oiled working machines. If we didn't care we wouldn't go out of our way to make sure we put in exactly what the dogs mechanism requires to be in top tune, so some post and ask questions on various supplementation. Get out of the books and into the field sandy, keep story time to bed time or the countrymaids weekly.
  12. Anyone do south ireland to northwest ireland run ?
  13. You 2 ARE the thl clowns FACT I see the old tuffty is back LOL
  14. Irish


    As long as you were the judge ? LOL
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