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  1. From 12.00 noon this Sunday 03rd June, to include full terrier and lurcher shows. Come to see this fantastic pack of hounds in their kennels (and out) in the beautiful grounds of Belvoir Castle.
  2. spade


    Bloody hell you are joking? Are you allergic or are they really that bad? Absolutely not joking. I'm not allergic but don't do too well with stings after getting 13 wasp stings a few years ago. Never had pain like it and by the time I got to A & E my blood pressure was all over the place and chest tightening up.
  3. Belvoir Hunt open day tomorrow, be good to see some of you there. Always a great day!
  4. spade


    Got stung by one last year, put me in hospital.
  5. Terrier judge is Sarah Critchley, lurcher judge is Trevor Morell. Judging starts at 12.00.
  6. Hi desertdog, the postcode for the kennels is NG32 1PQ.
  7. Open day with terrier and lurcher show. Sunday 04th June.
  8. I don't subscribe but I have met and spoken with the guy who runs Bailys (Peter Brooks) , he is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to hounds from all over the world
  9. Hi Blaise, I was in France over the summer and attended the Fete de la Chasse at Briel near Samaur. It was a real eye opener into how you guys hunt over there. A fantastic day.
  10. Firstly would I be right in saying that you are removing this stuff as part of your job, ie landscaping/gardening? If that is the case then down here you would have to have an upper tier waste carriers licence from the environment agency andthe rule is that you cannot take the waste back to your premises and burn it. What is ridiculous imo is that if you were to do say 10 jobs in a street you would be allowed to have a fire on each job but would not be able to stick the rubbish in your van/trailer to take it away and burn it. Obviously rules north of the border could be totally different.
  11. I have a dog with demodex mange at the moment. The vet put us straight on ivermectin saying its more effective than the wash.
  12. If money is not an issue go for a Stihl. Otherwise another decent make but without the price tag is Tanaka.
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