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  1. I use a metal chicken coop bowl, that fixes on the wire,they come in various sizes,don't stop our big ferret digging the food out but stops him chucking it down the bottom tier
  2. 29TH AND 30TH MARCH 2014 Borders Union Agricultural Showground Springwood Park Kelso Adults £10 Children under 16yrs free open 10am to 5pm both days free car parking I went last year,was okay some good talks and demo,s
  3. You can by a cover for this, if i remember correctly there about £20
  4. I was out yesterday morning, picked a bag of blackberrys shared a few with the dogs the rest went in a homemade apple and blackberry crumble today
  5. I have a beddie/whippet cross 22in good feet and smooth coat great nose,I would go with a good working whippet x beddie, rough or smooth coat, doesnt really matter just not as fragile as pure whippet and normally have a thicker coat, this is just my opinion
  6. Just home after being at the show ,a few rossettes,few raffle prizes weather stayed dry, good company as always and thanks to den and helpers that make these show happen
  7. hope the weather stays fine think I will be down I,all bring a wee bottle for the raffle
  8. Hi there is a pinned tick topic, on the ferret section worth a read
  9. Good day, weather was great and a thank you to all the people that organize and help with the shows and lure racing
  10. no mate just my other dog was only 5yr old ,when he died of cancer had dogs 25yrs this is first insurance, I have had used it once dog had a virus with no problem of insurance paying out £240
  11. same tesco £12.60 for the 2 dogs a month,collie/cross & whippet/cross
  12. The wee grey&white still my favourite, but well done on the litter,
  13. I use alpha complete ferret food £18 a bag , also feed raw,but I have 1 jill that only eats dry
  14. my insurance is with tesco £12.60 a month for 2 dogs put as cross breeds ,had to claim once no problems paid £60 fee bill was £240.and they sent cheque for £180.less than a week later
  15. ADRAIN FLUX £200 full comp, shogun sport 05 plate
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