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  1. Any money, food stuff, permissions and beaters days, if provided, are bonuses on top of having a good crack with a bunch of like minded individuals, great exercise in some fantastic countryside, working your dog (if your lucky enough to have a half decent hound) and seeing some amazing and on the flip side woeful shooting, the woeful stuff makes me feel better about my own ineptitude on driven game, if we all did it for just the folding stuff I don't suppose may shoots would keep going, oh and I almost forgot, it gets you out of the house on boxing day, you got to love it!!
  2. definitely not my intention to do so, its not actually a footpath from A to B but rather a tributary from the main path that does a circuit of two fields, I don't think it's particularly well used, never saw anyone on it while i was checking the permission out, but that's not to say it could be used, i've seen where people have sighted hides in the past so it's been shot over before.
  3. Hi, I've just got a new permission and it has quite a few public footpaths running through it, what precautions have you, or do you take when shooting over public footpaths, both sides of the land bordering the pathway are withing the permission. thus far I've decided to inform the police when shooting there and have printed some "caution shooting in progress" signs to place on each end of said footpath. I know I have to stop shooting when people are using the footpath, handy that two of us will be shooting from different hides and have walkie's to keep in touch and an eye on the pathway, what
  4. don't pay anything for my sites and they are all multi page, I'm not one to splurge my personal business all over these forums but I can assure you if you do it right, free sites can do the job adequately
  5. I've not got a problem with it being a cross anything type of dog, I'm not saying it couldn't be a great gundog if trained and yes those of you who have previously posted I probably would ask what type of cross it was, the problem I have (and perhaps problem is to strong a word) is people giving it them a cutesy name and charging a fortune for it, but then if people are willing to pay then hey ho, who am I to say? Fortunately though I've been dabbling a little myself and I've managed to cross a "Werthers original", with the designer brand "French connection UK" , and a pair of "converse al
  6. cockerdor, when will it end!! not getting at you gun dog 123 but when I was a kid these where called mongrels and were given away as no bugger would give a brass farthing for them, now you cross anything you can get your hands on, give a cute name and thanks very much that'll be five hundred quid. That's my rant for the week and its only Monday, happy days....................
  7. Do it for free on wix, costs nothing and you can update it whenever you like, I've got three websites running and don't pay a penny. If your supplying all the information yourself then might as well simply type it in yourself, there are plenty of templates and you don't have to be genius or know anything about html, flash or any of the malarkey!! Not blowing my own trumpet but we've had customers who have said our sites are better than some that have been professionally designed!!
  8. hi guys, i'm looking for a cheap 410 ( and i mean cheap!!) to get my grandson on the shooting ladder, i'm in kent and don't really want to get into RDF and all that lark but for the right gun at the right price i'd travel within the kent bounderies. cheers Bruce
  9. Got a pair of ridgeline boots, more comfy than wellies when beating, totally waterproof, obviously no good if your in water over the top of the boot!! and the leather gets scratched up pretty quick if your going through brambles and thicket so they don't look pretty for long, but as mentioned they are comfy straight out the box and if your walking any distance they are a good choice
  10. try the anti bark collar it may well work, after all it's what it has been designed for, a good run before you go out definitely will help but from experience it's not always possible, you need to distract or entertain the dog so it's not bored and whingey, it's still a puppy in effect, so it needs things to play with, maybe a Kong full of treats or a radio on, have you seen the video on youtube of the bottle treat dispenser, kept the dog occupied for ages and real easy to make. Going down to the kennel every time it howls is counter productive as that's what it wants, your attention, if your
  11. Thanks for all the advice, think I'll give the ring a miss, have rung one vet and all I got was you'll have to make an appointment, would have like'd a price before I paid a consultation fee.
  12. Picked up a full set of 5 Goodyear wrangler off road tyres on land rover wheels (rims were a bit snotty) in excellent condition £60 the lot, have you done better?
  13. it was all there, freshly drilled barley (id given it a couple of days for the pigeon to find it) plenty of loose seed to tempt them in, a nice blustery day, a little bright perhaps but it still looked good. My hide was invisible just inside the wood with plenty of swing for the barrels and my decoy pattern looked the business, shame the pigeon didn't think so, where the heck were they. Saving grace for the day was a hawk that fancied one of the decoys, its talons rasped across the plastic as it tried twice to carry it away, it then shot passed the hide so close I could have reached out and g
  14. Coincidence times 2 as your username, jok, is the last three letters of my Landover reg plate and hence it's nickname..... sad or what lol
  15. I purchased a springer spaniel which had already passed through 3 pairs of hands, he was not trained as a gundog and had not had his tail docked. I managed to get him picking up pigeons during a hectic summers decoying and got him steady enough to take beating all week on a commercial shoot, mind you although he's good at sweeping after the pickers have gone through he's fine on the partridge but a bit hard mouthed on pheasants. The problem I have is that after his first season he's smashed the end of his tail up and turns it into a bright red and blooded extremely sore mess every time we go
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