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  1. P5HEN

    2 X Canaries

    now gone
  2. P5HEN

    Guess The Breed Of This

    yes been reading up about dna results for dogs and they arent very accurate, although they werent completely inaccurate on some results, maybe in a few years with a litlle more research they may get it right, so until that day us on thl will decide what it is http://news.vin.com/vinnews.aspx?articleId=23206
  3. P5HEN

    2 X Canaries

    2 canaries free, unsure sex/age one bird yellow/brown colour , second all yellow, anyone can collect manchester area come and grab them cheers p5
  4. P5HEN

    Folding Bikes

    As stated earlier you can buy quick release wheels ,front and rear,so you can buy any bike you fancy instead of being limited to buying a fold up.
  5. P5HEN

    Guess The Breed Of This

    If your that curious get a dog DNA test ordered, best price I found was £34 online
  6. P5HEN

    Shots Fired Outside Parliament

    Nothing will be done,
  7. hey j j m, i lost £40 notes t,other night on way to chippy, was gunna get me and my lass a slap up meal, but lost my cash, she kicked right off when i got back, saying id been and spent it on one them £40 hookers, (again) ive been in the dog house ever since (literally) so thanks for finding it mate, lurchers back to kipping alone, ill pm you my address, sorry to piss on ya chips lad or in this case your chow mein
  8. P5HEN

    Erde 102 Trailer

    Now sold
  9. P5HEN

    Erde 102 Trailer

    Hey Mr rebel guy, I see you've "liked" my recent price drop, get your queens heads out then lad, bargain that.
  10. P5HEN

    Erde 102 Trailer

  11. P5HEN

    Erde 102 Trailer

    Erde 102 trailer excellent condition, used once for holiday , comes with spare wheel ,tarp ,bulldog hitch lock, seen these trailers converted to dog carriers £250 no offers https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-part-accessories/erde-102-trailer/1220800693
  12. P5HEN

    Regrettable Tattoos

    Yeah I regret having them,can't give a blag name to the dibble no more
  13. P5HEN

    Bit Lamping

    no one has said hid dog was shit he was the one calling guys dogs shit last week mate his dogs are capable of catching seen plenty of videos of his dogs on here Stop picking, you know my point,
  14. Racing Tip, 3.20 @ Wetherby tommorow, WEAK BLADDER will piss it