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  1. As title says, I'm selling my Mk 1 (15foot) locator and two collars, all good working order £150 ono. Chris
  2. Heard about lamping with them,sounds like great fun. Ive been doing it for yrs, only been caught once, but the land owner was pissed out of his head driving his landy (snob) with his brothers and mates in there 4x4s, they tried to get a bit arsey with me, so i said call the police and we will see wat they say about drink driving, they soon told me to just move on,,,lol
  3. A question for everyone about this topic: what if the lads in person were out lamping at 7:30pm on the same field but had harris hawks, and the police caught them, do you think they would of taken the hawks off them? or does this only apply to dogs... just a thought!!!!
  4. Hi Joycey We use most of the meat, and any excess meat gets sold to the local butchery and is distributed into the local network. We cull mostly deer and zebras as there is a big market for the skins. The meat also gets utilized in the poorer communities. As to Giraffe it was hunted as a trophy, but i have seen areas where giraffe needs culling as well. When the numbers start getting to big for an area they can be devastating to the area . Hope this helps? Regards Hi Joycey We use most of the meat, and any excess meat gets sold to the local butchery and is distri
  5. Dont get me wrong, ive been hunting all my life, but what i hunt is what i need, as in food, either for me or my animals. im not the one just to go out killing stuff for no reason, i agree deers need culling and same with badgers, but zebras and giraffes!!!!!!! why would you want to kill loads of them for no reason.... i just dont get it thats all...
  6. What do you do with all these animals after they have been shot?
  7. These are not rats there water voles!!!!
  8. The Jill jab around here cost me £3.17 last yr.... your getting robed at £100 to do all 3 jills... ive now got me self a little male and i mean little, im getting him done in couple of weeks £47 the vets said it would cost, but hes a cracking little ferret and he can now service my 3.,...
  9. no pics of me blakeus?? Well any pics yet?????????????????????????????
  10. I use High Protein cat biscuits its just as good and alot cheaper, the ferret is a feline same family as a cat, and ive had no trouble with all my ferrets, one is that old now blind in both eyes and loves it, she must be about 9 now.. all my ferrets (apart from the old one) look well conditioned....
  11. thanks mate, didnt think of doing that.. cheers
  12. Thanks mate il have a look now Cheers....
  13. Hi all, i lost a cap off one of my micro collars the other day and carnt find any where that i can buy a new one, ive looked on ebay, nothing there only normal size collars and spare caps, does anyone know where else i could look or has anybody got one i could buy off them, thanks Chris
  14. Has any body got any pictures of there Ebts hunting, love these dogs
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