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  1. I had one mate just a good set of tyre's on kingpin extremes got all over are shoot and we got some bad places here in Wales best of luck mucker
  2. Very nice gun I have one great little round if you like it you stick with it mate .
  3. Just ordered my cz 17 hmr thumbhole can't wait for it to arrive at litts
  4. Newport has two good tackle shop dave Richard and Gary Evans both carry good stock and will do good deals all the best
  5. had running with them a couple of years ago put down three trap all on oneside off the lake i used to fish with in six weeks i had six one hob mink and five jills . fish heads in the traps worked great try it mate and see if it works for you all the best .
  6. Molasses mixed with maize &corn and chopped apples put in a feed trof work well put some out with a trail cam and seen a lot of active movement in are area . try it mate worked for use in south Wales .
  7. Hi mate I like my fishing and shooting can't beat it sat on the side of the lake waiting for that one toner or walking round the shoot I help out on with gun in hand dogs working the cover hard it brilliant just being out there . I've just put in for my fire arms ticket that Will be the icing on my cake the wife will never see me lol that's not that bad is it haha.
  8. Wales is great at times cheers for ask mate
  9. Same in south Wales mate hard to find good ground
  10. Hi all I'm a new member from s Wales hope your all ok
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