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  1. Allan dont throw enough punches,ortiz by ko whyte to beat chisora
  2. Id join a boxing gym if hes new to it.theres more to it than swinging hay makers.
  3. Snape wood Bulwell for 8 years.meadows. st anns.hyson green theres a few rough holes bestwood estate
  4. Joshua to ko mollina under 6 rounds.whyte to beat chisora. Rounds 6 to 10 ko
  5. Power puncher or boxer. Ward on points for me
  6. Why not buid something across the roof rack with leads hanging down both sides.like they running at side of car
  7. Dam whippet sire saluki whippet greyhound 10 weeks old
  8. Being in rocky has gone to his head.haye by ko if it happens
  9. My opinion if them fights were made joshua proves too strong and ko s parker.ortiz beats klitchko ortiz too eventually hold all heavyweight belts....haye ko s bellew if its made
  10. He had a 5week training camp.think he needed a year and barring from eating kebabs
  11. I would of gave a draw for the burns fight..chisiora v whyte will be interesting. Il go delboy on that if its made
  12. Parker best fight for aj.haye too fast klitchko too good.
  13. Aj rounds 4 to 7 or hughie on points.
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