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  1. Happened to me about 2 month ago in sunderland b*****ds. I could of started up again but they will be back. Av sold everything Shed,nets,locators,spades. Av been ferreting for 15yr and it really sickened me that I have had to give it all up through scumbags.
  2. Hobs can get Sexual transmitted diseases
  3. Am sure this shop has closed down mate
  4. I have been informed of someone that has been bragging about doing loads of sheds in my area... ?
  5. The coppers turned up 2 days later. Said its highly unlikely I will get any of my ferrets or other stuff back. Complete waste of time,a wasn't goin to get them involved as I know they waste of time but my partner phoned them on night it happened also they have been to 3 other houses for statements as they got there sheds broke into same night. They left garden tools drills etc etc that was in ther sheds just took my stuff. I will deal with it my own way.. might not be anytime soon BUT I will see my day with them... Can't hide things forever.. And when I do stumble across them using my stuff t
  6. Thank you for the offer mate it's just sickened me what has happened. a just want to smash the little fukers up.......
  7. These are red hot lads the amount of people who are looking in to this is unreal. It wouldn't at all surprise me if they have went over a back field and let my ferrets out the box and left them..
  8. My partner said she was at local shops last night ther was a group of young lads she went over and said what had happened and there was a reward for my stuff back... She said when she was explaining everything 2 of them never lifted there heads up basically couldn't look her in the face then when she said the lads names who are well known of around here that they are going to find out and sort out who stole my stuff,she said they then looked up at her with a shit scared face as though they thought ahhhh fuk. My lass said these two young lads defo know something by there reactions. So off out t
  9. Bob if I don't get thes back am taking my shed down as I don't want anybody in my garden because there is a shed in it. Av got nothing to put in the shed now it's just goin to sit there and attract scum into my garden seen what they can steel from it....
  10. Cheers for all the support lads. I will find out who done it. Maybe tomorrow maybe a year down the line but I will find out and God help them when I do. Everybody is on the look out for my ferrets and stuff that was stolen. My neighbour found some money 13quid and a cannabis grinder in hes garden where they have come over he's fence and fell through bushes.. Police have got them and recon can get finger prints but fuk all will come back from it.....
  11. Vin cheers for the offer mate but this has broke me down too much. Brand new Sheds getting pulled down and selling all my stuff. Just spoke to a neighbour there was 4 sheds done last night on same street and nothing taken from them just burst locks off them. But they wiped me out fukn scum bags. A just want to brake there arms n legs....
  12. Lol mushroom you always crack me up mate ?
  13. Cheers mate but av had enough of it. I was always on edge when I had my running dogs incase someone stole them. Why don't these c**ts go out and buy a pup bring it on go get kits for FREE and bring them on instead of taking another mans pride and joy. My sheds getting pulled down and my locators/collars and other bits getting sold.. Av just had enough now
  14. Yeah your right lads country's fuked. And Johnny a recon guy int pub is correct mate. Someone been watching them from a bedroom window playing in my garden Saturday and Sunday then come back Sunday night for them. If it was a smack head looking for garden tools for a fix he wouldn't take a cupple of ferrets and fox brushes etc etc.... c**ts knew what they wanted
  15. Also phoned the police said my shed been broke into blah blah blah. Turned round and said can't come out till Wednesday ffs. I know it's only a Cupple of ferrets but fuk me you go out with a lamp and lurcher for cupple rabbits you get swamped by police cars,jeeps,helicopters. Yet you have some low life on your property taking stuff that doesn't belong to them and they don't give two fuks. No wonder am such a angry c**t these days...
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