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  1. Tried what the gzk bands? If so they are getting good reviews
  2. It's working fine for me mate on Google chrome.
  3. UK supplier of Gzk products. Www.everythingsling.co.uk
  4. eire08

    Lurchers For Foxes

    Kieransingo i wouldnt mind putting your dog over thé top of m'y bitch get a Nice big pup outa her at sum stage lol. Kieransingo your dogs looking well mate good luck with him.
  5. eire08

    Lurchers For Foxes

    Heres my bitch coming on brilliant doing thé job no probs. Broke to live stock and ferrets very keen dog stands 28tts working day and night.
  6. eire08

    Advice Needed Plz Lads.

    I told him i Got some good Sound advice of This forum and hes phoning clive 1st thing in the morning. Hes taking it bad tbh hope it gets sorted and his dogs back soon as. Thanks lads for the advice Any more is more than welcome. Will keep yas posted on whats happening hopefully me writing this post will prevent it happening to fellow hunters. Cheers lads
  7. eire08

    Advice Needed Plz Lads.

    Cheers lads yeah it was only the fell causing the problems she kept escaping climbing up the pen even eating through wire etc put on roof of terrier pen And i also agree about the breeding of the dogs and food as there is good bull lines through the 2 lurchers and the we nuttel x bull which was killed. This is the 1st all three dogs Got out and hes convinced food was involved for the we patt terrier to get out of pen and bull x lurcher. The dogs are well looked after and the fella doesnt even give them bones incase the start fighting and feeds them seperate. As he wasnt present at the Time will he face charges and will he get his dogs back ? As yas no hes devastated as ya would your selfs not only losing the we patt x bull but his other 3 lurchers and fell terrier took from him. I no for sure if he was in at the Time he would have prevented it getting to This. Już funny how his nieghbour didnt bother contacting him when the dog attacked each other yet shes on the Phone right away to inform him his we fell is just out of the pen. Już hope goes well for him and gets his dogs bck as it was acidental..
  8. eire08

    Advice Needed Plz Lads.

    No matę there galvinised Steel pens set up he took the pannel off one of the sections at the back and put it on the roof of the terriers pen to stop the fell dog climbing out and into nieghbours garden and to prevent What happened. The nieghbour has told him the bull x lurcher that Got out of its pen also had killed the nuttel pat x bull terrier. He noz his dogs and at 1st thaught someone was trying to steal them while he was out but has narrowed it Down to food being thrown over the fence which Led to the terrier and lurcher fighting and lurcher killed terrier. He Has asked the nieghbour did they see or hear anything and they told him his terrier was in there garden again the they heard fighting and looked over to see the other terrier n lurcher at it. Funny thing is Any other Time the fell gets out they Phone him txt him or fb him right away but This Time nothing. It was sunday so plenty a roast going over the fence.
  9. Ok here go im asking for Any advise on What im about to exsplian all welcome. My matę was out last week at family event and had secured his lurchers in there pens with plenty of food and bucket of water and done the same with his 2 terriers. He returned the next day to find 1 of his terriers dead at his back door and 1 of his bull x lurchers out of its pen and his other we fell terrier also. His other bull x lurcher was still in the pen and he had 6 month old bedx gray at Home also. So as you do he panicked and wondered wdf had happened and with in minutes animal welfare and cops were at his door Basically they searched place and said the had compliant about the dead dog searched his place took photos and the dead dog which he intended to bury. They sed they would call back in a week to mąkę sure dogs bedding was changed. But when they came they came wif cops and took all his dogs and said he could loose them and be prossicuted also. He Has found out that the fell terrier who has a habbit of escaping from pen into nieghbours garden and eating here dogs food had escaped from pen while he was out and the nieghbour had been throwing food over the fence to get it out of here garden which Led his other terrier and lurcher to work there way out of the pens for the constant food being through over and Led to a fight over food and dead terrier. Will he be prossicuted will he get all his dogs back What actions can he takehes been to solicitor already. But hes affraid he will loose his linę of dogs and be prossicuted and maybe banned from keeping dogs to. What you think lads Any advice od simular stories.
  10. eire08

    Anyone Out Tonight?

    Hopefully mate have been out 3 times past 10days n was way to calm were we were. All thou during the day the winds howling n rains belting down ffs.
  11. eire08

    Solo Jec 9 (9In1).

    Np mate few more items to be added. Cheers.
  12. Some 9 in 1s available and few other Meds. http://workingdogmeds.boards.net