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  1. We heard you the first time!!.
  2. Tron

    Airarms S400

    They work OK John, because the AA 400 series has had slight receiver changes over the years you must when ordering make sure you are getting the correct one for your gun. Go to the Rowan website and the measurement shown for each type of is shown so you will be able to order the correct one.
  3. No mate, not many have the special hose adaptor to recharge the system, I had one years ago but thats been gone long ago, If you get one and are using a dive bottle to charge the ram be very carefull as it is easy to blow the seals, If you overcharge it even by a small amount you wont be able to cock it, Best to have a look on utube theres probally someone on there showing how they did it.
  4. Tron

    So Lads The Walther Rm8

    Yep me and Mole have/had one, well made with a Walther barrel downside- 8 shot, tuning to 11FPE ? unlikely without special toolroom machinery, transfer port adjustments foiled by access to transfer port adjustment by steel ball bearings pressed into receiver body covering adjustment screws, Good gun for the money.
  5. Tron

    Fancy A 99S In .177

    Hey Rimfire, why dont you try the Wasp in 5.5 ? should be faster than the 5.6 wasps.
  6. Tron

    Mods Advice Please Tx200

    Hey Moley, how come your banned on agf?
  7. Tron

    New Gunsmith Apprentice

    Hiya fellers, The video of Sam is now hope fully on to view the calibre of the rifle was .375 hence the kick on firing. No still cant download it.
  8. Tron

    Hw 100 Pre At Help Please ?

    you dont say what year it was made, what calibre, what condition, anything really in order for a general estimation of your query?. give some answers to the above questions and you will get a honest answer, look at your gun, take a few pics of the gun from both sides, is there any rust? is the bluing perfect? are there any scratches, dents, in the wood of the stock? before you can have any honest replies to your inquiry you must state the above facts!. In closing, Wellcome to the forum.
  9. Tron

    Hw100 Pre Anti Tamper

    Whats a pound of meat worth?
  10. Winchester subsonics are brilliant, I also used to use cb ammo when shooting up trees for pigeon and squirrels as they were much safer with just about 30 fpe. but with the winchester rounds on damp mornings all you could hear was a hiss as they left the moderator and a click of the firing pin.
  11. Tron

    Not Impressed With The 100

    I am very sorry for laughing at your plight, in fact very very sorry, Erh, or am I sorry really? Erh yep, erh nope, erm, maybe, or perhaps not. But there again perhaps I will have to examin my first reply again, and again, Erm, I dont know now if I am sorry at all,but maybe I am,
  12. Tron

    Fancy A 99S In .177

    Thinking about springers, I have seen somewere a video about a SFS tuned springer that was shown firing I cant remember what gun but the shooter put a pellet on top of the scope turret and fired the rifle, the pellet moved a fraction but did not fall off! that was no small achievment in a springer putting out over 11 FPE. I dare say there are a few other tuners out there who are just as good you just have to read forums like this to find out who they are.
  13. Dirty boys!! Erh mind if I have a look!, erh, allmost said can I come!!! FFS.
  14. Tron

    Fancy A 99S In .177

    Dont get confused there Bernie,look at my reply to your op, in which I did state the diference between a break barrel and a HW97/ or a AA TX. the major diference between them is the underlevers have a extremely short transfer port compared to the majority of break barrel guns, FACT. this is alone that means that such rifles can reach sub 12 FPE levels quite easily without having to resort to mega spring poundage. to get the same kind of smooth shooting in a break barrel gun is not allways easy, some in .177 usually cant find the smoothness that the underlevers do. A PC rifle has a different firing signature than the springer. as a closer, I watched a very good?, nay excellent shooter using a SFS HW 95 springer shooting at one of the Penkridge open field target comps a couple of years ago and was amazed at his accuracy plus" The allmost hardly noticable recoil on every shot", I shoot lots of guns over my 60 plus years in shooting/ tuning and I must admit there are not many true experts in the "Tuning field" but there are a small number who know what they are doing.