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  1. Don't suppose you would sell the scope separate if it doesnt go as a package? Cheers
  2. Hello mate where abouts are you based?
  3. Terrier wanted View Advert Either bitch or dog, Pup or young and located in the South ideally! Advertiser engr82 Date 08/01/19 Price Category Working Terriers  
  4. Hello mate did this sell in the end? Cheers,Nick
  5. Shame I wasn't closer it would be a good dog walking gun. If I end up your way in the foreseeable I'll give you a shout! Cheers
  6. Hi is it still available? If so can you pm me some pics please mate. Cheers Nick
  7. Thanks for the Webley and cartridges Bob, Great bloke to deal with and it was good shooting the shit. Cheers mate Nick
  8. Shame I wasn't nearer as I'm after something abit different!
  9. If you do end up splitting them I'd be interested in the Nikko, Cheers Nick
  10. Hello mate, Yes that would be ideal really if we were closer.What sort of money are you looking for?
  11. Just seeing if anyone is selling either a 30 or 32in o/u with multi chokes,ideally either a Beretta,Browning or Miroku? Located in the South East, Cheers Nick
  12. Yukon 5x42 night/day scope. In very good condition with all paperwork and boxes. Comes with mounts,ungraded pop up lense cover. £260 Gravesend
  13. Hello mate have you any pic's at all? Cheers
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