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  1. Not sure on the size pal and I ha two pares of trousers on and had to get my phone out my pocket for a picture
  2. like busterdog said it will cost but you cant put a price on something which finds your little tykes
  3. cheers pal hope his daughter turns out like him
  4. well out this morning at 7am hoping to get a fox or two,we had a stead drive 15mins away from my digging partners house. the 1st two earths we checked had nothing at home so back into the motor we went, had another drive this time around 30mins due to traffic checked 3 earths that were kicked out but the dogs said nothing was at home so we decided to go onto the old railway and check the banking, the 1st earth we got to my dogs were going mad on the couples so turned the b&f on and let my big dog off. it was a tight spot he had to push in and for a big dog he can get into some tight spots,
  5. yes was very sandy but it held well on a 7ft dig a couple of weeks ago
  6. hi all can any one give me there views on them and a link for a magna pulse thanks
  7. cheers bud hopefully have a pic of the pup on some time tonight or tomorrow
  8. nice to no that there is actually some genuine lads still around
  9. they do the job well for me but sometimes wish they would bay instead of taking fist
  10. heres one i use to have when i had ferrets
  11. cheers bud, hes stong en but can get in tight with them
  12. got this one last week in another sand earth at 6ft
  13. cheers bud just hope the pup turns out like these to
  14. just a few pics of my terriers big dogs a old nuttall wheeler, the bitch is worker to worker and have a pup of them both with high hopes for her not many pics of the big dog because as you can see he takes the fght wich i dont like but you cant make the dog do as you want. this pic is a few week after he did a good 2 1/2 hour performance in a sand eart here with a mates dog
  15. Was out yesterday with my digging partner at a spot that always holds a fox or two throughout the season, iv dug this earth a fair few times and it's never failed me, its located on the edge of a small wood, it's a sandy spot so it's easy to dig . soon as we got to the earth my dog started scenting, whining pulling like mad, with the look of the earth it looked as if foxy was at home so i dropped my dog in, with no time at all he had found his quarry and was working it hard, there was only a few seconds of baying then silence, turned on the bellman and flint and it was reading 1.6, gave the do
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