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  1. Midland Nick

    Reinstate pigeon and crow shooting Petition

  2. Midland Nick

    Reinstate pigeon and crow shooting Petition

    Better news; https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/798012/wml-gl26-licence-serious-damage.pdf
  3. Midland Nick

    Reinstate pigeon and crow shooting Petition

    Crack on then and sort it out. Action needed not just good ideas. In the meantime support whatever other ways of expressing our views as you can. The petition in support of further restrictions currently stands at about 260,000 whilst only about 3,000 have signed this petition. Apathy will not save our legal pest control activities.
  4. Petition at www.Change.org to get pigeon and crow shooting reinstated. https://www.change.org/p/natural-england-reinstate-general-licenses-gl04-05-06
  5. Midland Nick

    Call Out For "ffloyd"

    Well done mate and good to see the Russells doing the job. ATB
  6. Midland Nick


    Pleased all went well for the bitch and pups all do well. ATB
  7. Midland Nick


    well looks like five bitch has settled down all pups are feeding and doing well
  8. Midland Nick

    Last Litter

    Hope all goes well for you and the bitch certainly looks in great condition. ATB
  9. Midland Nick

    Home Bred Bitch

    Good to see the Russells working and well done for bringing on another one. Cheers
  10. Well done to you both and as said above, a good thread to read. Keep em working. Cheers
  11. Midland Nick

    Mounted Fox Head And Brush

    Many thanks for your help and I will ask him. Cheers
  12. Midland Nick

    Mounted Fox Head And Brush

    I would be grateful if someone can point me in the right direction for buying a mounted fox head. Want to get one one for my digging mate for his 40th in May this year. Any help in getting one will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Mark
  13. Midland Nick

    Lets See Some Bull X Patterdale

    I think thats the problem, too many think that's what a working terrier 'should' look like and breed for it regardless of working ability. All fueled by some of the names mentioned..! Totally agree with you. Many people are more worried about what a terrier should look like than how well it works. Also hardness is usually more valued than good sense and finding ability which is much more important in a good terrier seeing regular work.
  14. Midland Nick

    Fao Rabbit Hunter

    Found a good shovel at £20 plus £8 postage from Ken Taylor supplies 01706 643 167. Made by Carter Shovels. Have a look on (richardcarterltd.co.uk). All steel round mouth shovel with treads. Product number is GENSSMY. Looks good and solid but will test it out from October onwards. We also broke a Silverline shovel last year so have been looking for something a bit more solid. Cheers.
  15. Midland Nick

    Lakeland Terriers Wanted

    PM sent.