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  1. Does it have the volume control on it?
  2. Nice pups there, all the best with them. The one on the right looks like our latest one.
  3. Had one when I was a lad, a great dog, just wish I knew what I was doing then. He could get to some right places when he wanted too.
  4. A mate of mine has some smart cocker dogs, out smart him most days.
  5. I liked that site too, met some really nice people of there. I hope it comes up. I use to have some ready good competitions on their too.
  6. Flip.. Some I know are used a week later, some I know haven't been touched in 5 years, and those are the most sporting warrents too.
  7. Yep had those days, feels a rubbish one at the time.
  8. I would agree with the above post. Basic obediance first and let the dogs see you around the ferrets. I have a terrier I am still working on around the ferrets and a year on into I but still wouldn't look away. May be trying working with the older one first letting him see you handle them, cleaning them out, taking them in and out of boxes and running about and a cage or run so they can meet with safety and if possible feed them together (be very very close and ready to put you hand between, if you do get bite don't squeel the dog will react). Only do a few mins a day and not to over do it. I then went on to the odd tube/pipe and letting the dog see the ferret pop out the hole and re entre and walk along the floor, again relying on site and stay etc. Then more pipes etc. Or even take just the older one up the mark up and lead it up away from holes and let him see what happens, be prepared for smaller bags as you or the dog may be a little noiser when you have both learn what the other will be doing. Take your time and good luck.
  9. We had a dog which was epileptic (sorry on spelling) and fitted often, but he knew when he was going to fit and come to us to fit etc, which had often when exercised. Does this occur when/before your dogs seizures?
  10. I am no expert, and nor have I had gundogs. But you may want to get purdys progress, as I am using the same techniques for the terriers too and it appears to be working, just a little and often. Retreival may not come natural to them so a nice toy may be good. There is also a "tug" technique which some one sent me, I tink it was in contrymans. You may bne able to google it. Good luck
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