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  1. Greasy oakbark leather (5mm thick) and brass
  2. I liked your opinions on breeding, and you are right that I have never bred any great or even very good terriers. Ive owned a couple of decent terriers and probably the best being a Border who died in the ground. All I have to look back on regards terriers is some very enjoyable digs and days out. Ive been out with several off here and had some great sport and some not so good, but thats not for talking about on here. Lurchers have always been my first love and we havnt kept terriers for a number of years but for what its worth I think terriers are one of the hardest workers to produce because
  3. Dont forget his forty mates who keep his dogs for him, but who never come on here to back him up..
  4. touched a nerve. Always thought you were a bit of bull shitter.
  5. I thought you were a comfortable man with half a dozen blokes and a secretary working for you?
  6. Benelli or Franchi who are now owned by Benelli. You want the clean Benelli system unless you want to spend an hour cleaning after every shoot. Ive had both and a Browning too and the browning was bad for cleaning and had a dodgy trigger which they wouldnt recognise even though the problem was all over the internet at the time. Ive shot thousands of rounds through my Franchi without any probs, its a lovely gun.
  7. My mate got hold of some amonia from where he worked and we pushed a road pin into a burry and poured a load into the hole and 4 rabbits bolted...bollocks, no nets!! We didnt bother again.
  8. Yeah people used to let the dogs out on the street and they had a great free life really. Sometimes little kids would knock on the door and ask if our dog could come out to play
  9. Sounds good to me mate, Ive started getting a scratch card every month.
  10. If you cant find the time its because you are doing other things. We found it harder having terriers aswell. Better to concentrate on one or other, but thats not for everybody and upto now we are still free to own as many or as few as we like and thats our business. Enjoy that freedom.
  11. Why worry about everyone else, have what you want for yourself and if your single dog breaks his neck chasing a rabbit one night youve got a good excuse to pack it in altogether, but if its your passion you will normally have a pup or two about in different stages of development and maybe a bitch in season and another worker with a sore wrist to rest for a proper amount of time so you will have another ready to go, because not going out with dogs all winter isnt really an option for you. If your very keen that is.
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