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  1. I live in footwell il go with u
  2. hi i have some beddlington/whippet x boarder/lakeland 2nd litter cracking pups 2 left
  3. hi would this be on permisson i could fly my redtail or harris at them in about 2 weeks
  4. I'm in Basingstoke I have loads permission il go with ya mate I'm working in Wokingham as from next week so could meet up cheers
  5. Iwill let u know :thumbs:
  6. All sorted now cheers Ian if you get any more this way please let me know ATB
  7. Ian me and fitchet have had no response yet, would be great to find out as we can do this weekend for him?? for free
  8. i will do it but he is not responding to my email
  9. Hi where are you based??
  10. This is just the type of reply i would expect from you Corky, the charity bit is true as i dont tell lies like most on here, the pups were sold for £150 each. My set is is probably better than some peoples houses as and as if i would buy all my dog food at once you muppet lol I would just like to also say that i am not a dog peddler how can i be when that is the only litter my dogs have had????? If i didnt think that breeding these at what ever age i did would not make great dogs i would not have done so. So i think unless you know me or my dogs then you have not got the right in my eyes to judge me. I am not on here to offend or slag people off but if they do to me then i will obviously do the same back, sorry if i have offended some people but i honestly dont think that people have the right to slag people off the way they have me. All in all i am a true hunter who does this type of sport very regular same cant be said for some which i think that you are one of them looking at some of your posts on here so instead of insulting people i suggest you keep quiet until you know me ok CROZZO
  11. Thanks for the comments redtailhawk1 and lurchers4life I said I would meet them all to s ort it out face to face but obviously to busy typing on here slagging people off, I bet all of the knobs just sit and look at pictures of dogs wishing they could have one or wishing they could catch vermin. Obviously they have nothing better to do than sit and wish for better things. The money I got from the sale of the pups half went to charity and the rest paid for my dog food, but I bet half of them who slagged me have never given a penny to charity just received it? Redtailhawk1 has seen my dogs and he has seen what great condition they are in and well trained unlike most on here mine do as they are told. They all live in the house and not in kennels and are treat properly not just taken out then locked in a kennel outside and left till they go out the next time, they are out twice a day once at 5 am before I go to work and when I get in after work and out all weekend not just left all day and night in kennels outside.
  12. nice looking pups [bANNED TEXT] good luck
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