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  1. Thanks all, she's still here at the minute and typically she's been behaving perfectly since the day I put the add on! I'm sure these dogs have a sixth sense and do know what we are thinking!
  2. Cheers dy! She's still here for the moment haha we'll see what she can do come season!!!
  3. In the future I could possibly look at kennelling her, at the minute I am in the process of moving house and the house I am moving to has no fence at all and certainly not one I would feel safe with having a dog kennelled behind. What I am worried about though is that we will have howling and yapping with the other dogs around not in kennels. I may be over thinking things and imagining the worst case scenario. I think you are right though skycat, she is not a submissive bitch to other dogs and as far as she's concerned she's boss of the dogs and she is basically daring them to challenge he
  4. If you pm me your number I can send pics through or email if needs be. Thanks
  5. I would never lie about the dog or the situation as she will only end up worse then she is now. I do know this bitch would not suit a pet only home, she lives to work and her drive is as you would expect with a bull X Wheaton. If she is not mentally and physically simulated she becomes a nightmare and will look for her own work!! Unless said person who was keeping her as a pet was very understanding of when she took to a scent and also knew how to stimulate her prey drive without working her I know for fact she will be in a lot worse a place. I've also been around bull xs enough to know when o
  6. They are not kennelled at all, hence the difficulty with her throwing her weight around being a problem. They live in the house as a pack and as such I expect them to behave accordingly. She most certainly isn't Molly-coddled in anyway as none of my dogs are. She's had her second season and my older terrier bitch had a season at the same time. The bitches have taken a disliking to each other as yes the Wheaton X wants to be boss and the terrier lets her get away with it. I am perfectly capable of handling the situation when I am around but unfortunately I cannot be around all of the time as no
  7. Thank you, I just let it go over my head. Isn't anyone on an Internet site that can get to me
  8. To answer some questions I'm being asked saves you having to message and ask me: I have no idea what the bitch is like round stock especially sheep as I just don't get them round here. I would place my bets that she's not seen a lot of them and therefore is not stock broken. To some yes this may be a liability but we work arable so not a problem to me. I have said I will safety take her around some sheep so I have an indication as to what she's like and then I can give people a definite yes or no. The bitch has not seen a lot and has in no way shape or form been rushed, pushed or over
  9. Yes please do, we are incapable and she's not well looked after!! Someone really needs to regime this dog ASAP
  10. Any one have any experience with shock collars and whether they think this would work? Think what you want of me for wanting to find a good home for the bitch but don't ever think that this is the first option I'm jumping at and that I'm not willing to try other things before she goes! I've never used a shock collar and I'm not sure whether this will affect the bitch or make her worse?
  11. Erm because as I said that is not a permanent arrangement, I have a tiny house and do not have the space to put 3 crates up! Not that I need to explain myself to you but when I took her on it was on the condition that she could return to original owner who was passing her on anyway. Now it's come to it he can't have her back!
  12. She's about 22/23 but I've not measured her, she's rough Wheaton coloured coat. Was at Pickering game fair if anyone saw her there. She strong but racy and seems quick enough for what I would need her for! I can't put pics on her as on phone but pm me your number and I'll send some no problem
  13. 15 month old Bull X Wheaton grey bitch for sale Ive had this bitch for a couple of months now and was sorted out with her after wanting to get back into the dog game after a while off due to personal circumstances. I have done nothing with her other than daytime walking and rabbits we have come across on these walks but I do know for fact she has seen other things prior to me having her although I have seen her on videos I have not seen her go so I WILL NOT guarantee that this bitch is going to be a world beater. Having said that she's a good strong bitch and has guts, she is also youn
  14. Any one know what time the lurcher + terrier shows start, and the racing? TIA
  15. All sold now, thank you
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