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  1. have you managed to swap your gun i tried messaging you but your messages are full.
  2. 4 wood pigeons with one shot only joking sorry if you were being serious
  3. thats a good point guys like you say out to 60 ish yards they probably are ok and a lot cheaper than sk's. i might get a box and try them i will let you know how they perform. do you guys get much difference from brick to brick. i am just thinking if i buy a box and they are ok what are the odds on the next brick being ok as well. cheers daz
  4. Yes games dealers don't pay much and i am guessing butchers won't take to many so when we are shooting hundreds we are sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. but it pays for the expenses with enough left over to eat. we have not been out much recently because the disco has gone to heaven mick is sorting a new one out.
  5. i use the norman sillosocks pigeon decoys they work fine just check out my youtube channel "ThePestControllers" the only problem i ever have is if i use them in extreme wind they flap about to much so i just put them lower to the ground so the stubble stops them flapping about. Cheers Daz
  6. they are still prototypes at the moment he is just waiting for parts to be made at engineers then he can start production. i think he will release a price very soon. as soon as i know a price i will let you know
  7. like i said in the other post i would give it a good go before swapping it because it might just be a good one. but it its not your cup of tea ime only down the road
  8. Just trawling the internet and they seemed to copy a lot of winchesters not 100% in your case but its highly possible they usually copy things and make them better. i have an old diawa fishing reel vintage 70's early 80's and it is still going strong so it could be a good one. i would give it a good go before thinking about swapping it you never know it might just be the best gun you ever bought
  10. you havnt highjacked the thread it was part of our conversation that looks like a decent gun going by the engraving and quality of finish I've got loads to swap if you fancy a swap. but i hope you get on with it good luck. lets hope the weather picks up otherwise it wont be worth stepping outside the door. cheers Daz
  11. i think this it what you are talking about Cheers Daz
  12. Roland i keep seeing it on some shotguns and always like the look of it so i looked into it and went on youtube there is a tutorial called jeweling a rifle bolt. so i watched ordered the kit months ago and i watched the Faberge Egg program the other night and it reminded me i had the kit so i went into my workshop and had a go that was the result. it was so easy i couldn't believe it. just get a jeweling kit and have a go. Cheers Daz
  13. was there many rabbits to start with on your new permission. i have new permission i only got conformation today its only small but there is a field at the back of it full of rabbits so it should produce regular rabbits. i went to one of my new permission the other day i couldn't believe how hard it was because we had to walk the land and most of it is lit up like a christmas tree from the manor house. the field is still being left in stubble so its a nightmare walking quietly well for me anyway. but we ended up with 4 and one lost. i thought i would make some pasties with the bought past
  14. one other thing if your mate as fire arms in his cabinet you cant have access to it only he can have access to it.
  15. What semi have you bought.theres not a lot of pigeons around here at the moment they are in the trees i think but theres plenty of crows or rooks about for a days shooting. the weather is crap here also but at least the semi autos are not to bad to clean. have fun Daz
  16. Hi Ken i went to make some pasties today went the fridge and the block of pastry add gone and i am not good with pastry not had much experience so i gave up i was gutted. i even bough some really nice chorizo. do you have a simple but effective pastry recipe that a novice can make Cheers Daz
  17. Hi guys sorry for the delay in replying. we were shooting for about 5 or 6 hours we never had Toby the black lab with us unfortunately just as well really because we didn't have much room. it was very windy so we were sheltering behind a great big tree trunk but it made for interesting shooting. some of the birds were not that far away the camera does make them look further away than they actually were but some i would say were 40 yards away with the odd one maybe 50 but thats about it. we use a Beretta AL391 30" barrel semi auto with open chokes either cylinder or skeet and either Hull
  18. thats the video i watched ages ago i bought the jeweling kit from them and its been sat in my tool box ever since. then i watched the program on Faberge Eggs last night and it reminded me i had it so i thought on the spur of the moment to get in the workshop and do it. so at 4 am it was finally done and i have now done the end of the bolt also so it is all covered now. its easy especially if can do it between two pieces of wood with no marking out at all and no practice anyone can do it. i am going to do my semi auto next
  19. its easy i had no fancy gadget to hold the bolt i just held it in between two pieces of wood. you buy a jeweling tool from a gunsmith type shop or on the internet. set the tool up as per instructions shove it in your drill press. and then its just a case of moving the bolt backwards and forwards and bringing the drill down to make swirls. i was really surprised how easy it was i would highly recommend having a go and it makes your bolt work better because it holds lubricant so is smoother. plus it makes your rifle look just that bit more special and personal. cheers Daz
  20. just a short video to show you my Cz452 rifle bolt i have just jewelled. Cheers Daz
  21. Not mine but my mates two pigeons with one shot caught on video camera then the very next time out the jammy get got two crows with one shot on camera as well Some people have all the luck. Cheers Daz
  22. i am glad i saw your post because i nearly went and bought some just because they are cheap glad i never. there packaging look very professional and can sway you into thinking they are better than they are. were as SK look crap in the packet but shoot mint. i thought for killing rabbits they would be a cheap alternative but all i would of ended up doing is injuring rabbits and making them suffer and i would rather kill them outright so i am glad you enlightened me. Cheers Daz
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