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  1. This is my add guys I log in with face book when doing add cheers bob
  2. This is my add guys I've log in with face book and its under rob Golding cheers bob
  3. We have a few vacancies for this coming season there's pigeon shooting and rough shooting for vermin all year round then in season we have 10 drive days for the partrige and pheasants we put down 1000 plus birds a year no game birds to be shot outside drive days the farms in haynaigt in Essex not far from m25 there's woodlands and arable farm land with meadows and a river this is for shotguns and air rifles only no fac if your intrested please email me for further details bobbygolding@hotmail.co.uk cheers Bob
  4. I looking for a digi scope pulsar or the like or a day hight scope I have a three month old browning maxus carbon cased and with all bits and papers from new or I have a miroku m70 sporter mint boxed with a full set of Teague chokes no more than 400 cart tru it from new Cheers bob or will sell for cash
  5. Wated a 410 for my grandson I have a almost new boxed winchester sxp3 with papers and chokes as new pm me if intrested bob just a few more details I'm after a side-side or under/ over it does not matter on stock lenght as he is only 8 so wll have to cut it down to fit him anyway cheers bob
  6. More speed controlers and timers now ready for there new homes these are built to last timers will run two flappers at the same time
  7. Anybody selling a cheap 410 single shot or s/side wanted for grandson so stock can be short I'm in the essex so the nearer the better cheers bob
  8. Anybody selling any flappers cash waiting cheap as poss cheers bob
  9. Side wider 30 6 x24 x 56 half mildot mint con no box comes with all papers and sun shade also mounts £180 posted Would take a decent bipod in part payment
  10. Sony E700 cam in tube with plugs also screen fitted with quick release clamp and mount for scope all plugs fitted £105 posted Pics below shows it working
  11. Hi guys speed controllers for pigeon magnets 10 amp 12 volt £32 posted These are the heavy duty ones not the cheap crap that keep burning out Also ajustable timers for flappers etc £16 each posted or multi £25 each also remote control swiches single channel £16 or double channel £20 Speed controllers comes with easy fit plugs to fit your magnets If intrested please get in touch via pm cheers bob All the above are made from proper relays and swiches and have proper connectors no crimp ones these are built to last!!!! And are garranteed Timers can be fitted with any connector of your c
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