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  1. @ ianm I spent over a year researching the round and different rifles and I have asked a lot of questions on American forum's while trying to choose the right set up for me. Savage rifles kept coming out on top accuracy wise with groups of .5MOA or better out of the box with factory ammo so fingers crossed I get a good one. @ 3175darren I'll definitely look them up thanks for the info.
  2. Mate I really wish you the best I really do. I suffered from depression and paranoia for 7 years where I was on strong medication and I really didn't know where I was or what was going to happen to me. First and formost see your doctor your mental health is far more important than your firearms. Your doctor is your friend and once your doctor is happy with your progress he or she will be very supportive to you with the police. If you don't get help you are going to get worse trust me. If you don't get help and the police get suspicious of you kiss your guns goodbye. My doctor stood by me
  3. I'll definitely post pics when I get it. Its a Savage 16 FCSS weather warrior and I'm sticking it in a GRS Berzerk stock. Yea it was brought out as a target/competition round in 2007 but it quickly gained interest with hunters because of its high BC bullets, short action and it's inherit accuracy. I really like the idea of match grade modern hunting ammo.
  4. We can't roll our own in the Republic of Ireland but I have an RFD in the North who can get me all the ammo I want. He said his supplier in England reckons the 6.5 Creedmoor is the most ordered calibre so far this year over any other given calibre coming in from the US.
  5. Well lads are there many lads in Ireland or the UK shooting the 6.5 Creedmoor. I know there's a few shooting the .260 Remington but how many are shooting the 6.5 Creedmoor. I ordered one a month ago but it won't be here for another couple of months. I'm looking forward to playing with it.
  6. Iv been watching and reading reviews for over a year now trying to decide on what my new semi auto will be. I looked at 5 manufactures Benelli, Mossberg, Bereta, Browning and Winchester and I finally put a deposit down on a Winchester Sx3. The Benelli SBE2 got the worst reviews with the Mossberg almost as bad. the new Bereta got loads of great reviews but some people cant get a grip of the kick of system and some have even had it taken out of there guns. The Browning Maxus and Winchester SX3 came in head to head and its not surprising when there both made in the same factory. Browning took ove
  7. 10 months is still very young mate there's plenty of time yet. some dogs start young, some need time and some just don't like anything that bites back. atb with her mate.
  8. you should zero on level ground and yes as said above if shooting either uphill or down hill the real distance changes and has to be allowed for. range finders with angle compensators will give you the real distance.
  9. I had a savage 93R17 thump hole and they are a very accurate rifle and the accu trigger is very nice to shoot with but they are a bit on the heavy side for carrying around. I have a CZ 452 2E lux now and they are a great gun and a lot lighter.
  10. as said already mate if you haven't seen the sire and dam take fox then you just don't know. if your pups are coming from dogs only used for rabbits well then you'd be lucky to get a good fox dog. if your pups did come from single handed dogs then its a case of bad luck picking the pups. you could breed the two best single handed dogs you can find have 10 pups and if 2 of the pups are as good as the parents then your lucky. not all pups make it no matter how well bred they are.
  11. whenever I'm out in the rain I always carry the gun facing down it just seemed to make sense to me. when it comes to rain affecting trajectory I saw a video on youtube in slow motion showing that it does affect trajectory and can even affect the shape of the bullet. think about it if its raining heavy the bullet will have to travel through a few litres of water before it gets to 300 yards. I don't know how much rain will affect the trajectory but it makes sense that it will.
  12. Hornady 53gr superformance zeroed at 1 1/4" high at 100 yards then just point and shoot on a fox sized target out to 300 yards. its fast, flat shooting, deadly accurate and very hard hitting.
  13. Dan would you not keep it for rabbits? I couldn't be without a RF it gets used more than my .223.
  14. if your going to shoot deer in the future I would go for the .243. it might be a little more pricy to run but if its going to be a hunting rifle you wont be putting round after round through it plus when you start shooting deer you will know the gun like the back of your hand.
  15. £600 for a collie? as said ask a few farmers you might get one for £50 or even better for free.
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