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  1. try not to loose it count to ten give treats praise like an idiot and thank god it's not got saluki in it millybot
  2. go on the bsaog site good diagrams on there i have the mk3 rifle in .177 top rifle faultless millybot
  3. daisy powerline 922 out the catologue made more noise ten pumps load of rubbish millybot
  4. i think you'll find a regd gun has no sweet spot millybot
  5. going to look at one fri .177 big scopes silencer pellets and bag less than £300 well pleased millybot
  6. what are these like lads faults/weaknesses seen a one for £350 s/hand good price lets know millybot
  7. total rubbish that's not sport mods take it off it rubbishes our site millybot
  8. is it not about the chase/course that is memerable, not the catching, same as fishing the stalk, the bite, it's on, then for me it's all over. might as well put it back to catch another day millybot
  9. not much around here either didnt ferret my perm last winter not many rabbit thought i would let them breed still not any numbers about now what's going on something else killing them ? seems to be plenty of foxes i see more foxes than rabbits lately millybot
  10. have a look on the ukchineseairgun site it'll open your eyes millybot
  11. i'm with skycat and matt 1979 on this i have saluki in my dog and yes they are king of the whingers i had to leave the marital bed for about a fortnight and sleep in next door bedroom just to keep the peace first dog ever kept in the house the wife going at me for the noise plus she doesn't like dogs anyway but at 21 months is an angel and it didn't help the litter brother to her never peeped or so the lad (i didn't believe him )said a man's gotta do what a man's do to keep the peace keep at it it'll get easier millybot
  12. anyone got one yet it's supposed to be like a puma/innova let us all know what there like how many pumps / accuraccy etc. millybot
  13. it's something that you either know or dont, there's no in between best to go with an expert, all good and well taking a pocket guide but when it boils down to it do you want to die for a few dodgy fungie i only eat what i know be careful lads millybot
  14. i this does p*ss you off i normally ask them to put it on the lead falling that just hoof the dog i dont see why i should put up with wresling with the leader cos they cant be bothered and by now i'm right on my toes just in case they come over cos i've hoofed their dog millybot
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