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  1. any pics and prices for the Break down shovels and stainless terrier spikes? ATB jOHN
  2. Mikey off snatch could beat them all FACT f****n PIKEYS
  3. yes pal ive got the roar jacket and the flood jacket and some trousers
  4. They are waterproof and are good for the price. the stiching can be a bit shity on the pockets and belt loops e.t.c
  5. I use hiax for work they last around 6 to 8 months. I have them one 5 or 6 days a week and eventually the leather in between the tag and the boot wears. The soles wear quickly when you do allot of road work, but they are still a good boot they are tougher than the meindls but not as commutable. We go through around 120 pairs of chainsaw boots a year between the of us in work. Good boots just bulky.
  6. shes tured out a nice type good luck with her.
  7. Why havent the mod got rid of this c**t??????????
  8. I get them from work. they are heavy and bulky but 100% waterproof but I would get something else if you were going regualy.
  9. A mate of mine has a hard bitch off her. Its a relentles grafter. I currently have a pup off the bitch, It would be intresting to know more about the origins of the dogs. atb John
  10. Tri coloured beagle dog about four years old. lost on Cilfynydd common. any info ring Rhydian on 07859919898
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