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  1. No but if there no game they be poppin there heads back out the holes! you never rang me mate get the post up with the dogs on.......................... now doe's any of the dogs on there look like they aint seen owt stop backing your mates up to make me look like a tit x38 you breed bull x with norfok tumberler grey dogs for pig dogs that shows what a sausage you are the tumberler is an out and out rabbit dog now stop geting involved on things you no nothing about. now who's the pedeler. the dogs were both single on one but not tested alone to the end on the other
  2. shows what you no about terriers idiot they dont need to be game to do a job so if you no the same about lurchers i would'nt own dogs if i were you stick to your guns lad.
  3. the dog sold had never let me down along with the other sold at the time wich i have had no complaints from i sold the dogs to concentrate on my digging to put my lurcher runs into 4 terrier runs they were my dogs that i was using at the time for lamping and digging and none had ever let me down because as said before it would of been pts you were invited to my home but chose to meet me closer to yourself now why would a man sell a dud dog from his home the dog you got was the gamer of the two so how i find it funny your complaining and the other lad who does a lot of digging is not and now because you have f****d that dog you wana f**k someones chance on here of buying a genuine well breed pup well i think you need to accept your wrongs and i hope you have learnt not to work your dogs sore from now on and try to blame the last man for it. when i met you i told you i came across well breed pups quite regular if you ever wanted offered you to work the dog in my area and you try make a c**t out of me your the joke here lad. if the pup is not sold i dont really care as staded before im trying to give someone a chance if this is the greef you get for trying to help someone out i will keep my dogs to myself
  4. alright then clever c**t i will show the buyer of the pup both parenets put a shift in. any dog i sell on is to help someone struggerling out and i only ever ask back what i paid for them if a dog you got jacked its because you jacked it because if it was with me and it jacked i would of put the f****r to sleep now keep your comments to yourself jealous prick.
  5. as above i took this pup from my mate and have decided i dont need it she is a 10 week old patterdale x lakeland bitch out of two steady dogs that will stay all day me and my mates are all stocked up on dogs and pups so none of them can take her so i thought i would give someone on here the chance at her the full litter of six have stayed local between us and between them they are a nice lively litter the pup i have for sale is little smooth haired black thing she should make strongish build but nothing tall i wouldnt say i will add a picture later for you all in the meantime call tony on 07767279691 (Cumbria) £150 o.n.o
  6. well done lads sounds like you've had a cracking day.
  7. ive never had a problem with them i had two out and out bayers and they were the lowdest things ever in the run then enough was enough collered them up and sorted still out and out bayers when down under, but i must say i had the same worry as you fella.
  8. patience is a vertue mate 18 months old dont send a boy in to do a mans job i say atb and good luck
  9. seen this dog at a show near hexam just over a year ago nice beast looked freshly worked if im right lado had a white and silver/blue bitch she was in the ring didnt look to worked should of cleaned up the show though a real looker it was atb lads
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