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  1. crackers mate whats the breeding behind them
  2. hi any one on here got a roe buck head mount for sale reasonable price please atb
  3. ive got the hid 170 striker brilliant lamp theres not much of a delay couple of seconds at most ok once the ballast heats up caught plenty of gear that would have went out of the beam with the normal 170 also blitz but i am dfaft
  4. used to use motor bike battery and a square quartz fire lamp but got older and wiser anything light does me as well brenna plus burnt countless trousers bags jackets legs lol with battery acid
  5. i use the i70 striker hid model with the 22amp lithium its a bit pricey at £250 quid but worth every penny works with a 35 watt xenon bulb ballast in the bottom looks like a cordless drill lol but light weight and you can screw the blitz head straight on good bit of kit makes the ordinary 170 look like a torch been out last night for about 6 hours and still plenty juice in the battery only draws 3amp or thereabouts
  6. dogs got to see the game first get a lightforce
  7. hi pesky I use the light force hid and in terms of performance it makes the old lightforce look like a torch I use mine with a tracer 22amp lithium battery and can lamp all night no problem have caught stuff that I would never have got with the old light force because it would have went out the beam brilliant bit of kit bright beam long beam and great for dog work robust and strong plus you can screw the blitz head on as well as its the same thread so no need to buy the blitz 240 model which is even dearer just buy a blitz head if you buy one you will see the difference atb deathsquad
  8. cracking pups pal atb with them
  9. had three quarter bred merle dog few year back done everything with him not a hare dog though but he had a few liked charles to non stop you could work him 24 hours a day brilliant ferreting dog lamping too tell david what you want it for and he will help you out mate
  10. well done mate looks a cracking big fox nice dog too pal is he half cross
  11. seen a lot of so called big dogs getting into some tight spots think its more about wanting to get there if you know what I mean
  12. its a monkey cant run worth a feck bad feet
  13. can the warden whoever the feck he is be everywhere at once I despair all the time with this site lol and yes tell them to feck off
  14. you will get a visit from the phone app police ffs who cares
  15. have here Deben 18amp belt pack complete with charger £50 for pick up only im in Hamilton near Glasgow if interested pm me thanks
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