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  1. better on fox than badger ie means likes it all its own way atbks
  2. brought a dog from a chap at newark the dogs name was sid got be twenty odd year ago now he was a good reliable dog got told he was nuttal parks bred all i know he was one fine worker and the three i have in my kennel now are all related to him best buy i ever made and still reaping the rewards to this day its not about names and dogs you HEAR of its about dogs you work and SEE with your own eyes me and lads go out with just bred best to best and aint gone far wrong we know exactly what WORKERS theyve come out of and have worked them hard but names couldnt say what names were in them now just honest hard workers and that enough for us atb ks
  3. just wondering if the chap that used to fix the deben 3 finder box is still on here and if someone could point me in right direction to him as the rod thing in the box as snapped and it wont pick up if not will have to be a deben job atb ks
  4. my mate bred a litter of first crosses a few year back kept two back one was a bit on the hard side the other was bang on hope all goes well mate atb ks
  5. old spoff from breedon used to breed some good beddy xs god rest him still missed mate had a couple off him good little grafters they were atb ks
  6. you also have two dicks mate one hanging from your neck and a arsehole the size of britain what a twat ks
  7. was on about this to a mate the other day i think they seem to be a lot more near people now days on the out skirts of towns,villages,citys, the further we go out in the country side the less we been seeing atb ks
  8. i have been looking into this and i think i am going to get the bellman and flint collar with the pieps freeride reciever .has anyone tried the freeride as it dont seem to be a bad bit of kit and if on a budget is reasonably priced been looking at the other recievers and though they look better there is a great difference in price as long as it does the job its not like i will ever be in a avalanche i have the mark 3 deben and i think its alright but would prefer the set up i just mentioned would like to hear off anyone that as used this set up atb ks
  9. would this ortovox collar work with pieps freeride atb ks
  10. is bitch called kia by any chance mate atb ks
  11. while your mulling it over mate i would stick a locator collar on him when over the fields as he may well make the decision for you atb in what you decide ks
  12. a lad from stoke TA had a couple i can remember the shane dog he was some tool a couple of pups come over derby way my mate had one he was a good dog good round a hole and not bad in the field he had plenty of graft and always come up trumps unfortunatly he had a tug and moved him on this was a fair few years back now but he did everything you would expect of a dog bred like that. would really like to see more of the english cross as the ones i have seen have been spot on and seem to blend well with the grey blood atb ks
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