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  1. my fight is 6ft x6ftx 3ft could I put 2 linnet hens in with the linnet cock never breed linnets before can you tell ha ha cheers
  2. Any one got a spare Linnet Cock ,just lost mine .cheers
  3. pure whippet fenrunna lines
  4. Nice pup . Regarding the law, it's as green dragon says. If you have permission to be on the land you're hunting, then there's no problem, day or night thanks wasn't sure about the night lamping
  5. just asking the law just got pup
  6. didn't know this was a topic for people talking out there arseholes cheers lads
  7. does anyone know the law on hunting rabbits with whippets day or night
  8. gnipper its not a hen it sings know its a goldie cross but thought it could be a redpoll
  9. just swopped this mule for redpoll wondered what the cross was any ideas lads
  10. cheers cocker never heard of it before
  11. half my text was banned cocker because i asked what is it ,& spelt what wrong
  12. started nests for flights cant wait
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