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  1. right im off to let some aggression out on roller skates soon, roller derby training time :)

    1. rob190364


      what are you doing after that? playing hopscotch? ;-)


    2. lunita


      lol it's not playground games being whacked whilst on skates,bloody hurts but it's good for stress relief :)


  2. first few weeks are crap but it's amazing how you just get on with things again. Plus being single after a long relationship can be liberating
  3. thats sad news...only just seen this post so its bit late....have great respect for this man used to see him alot on the hunt as a kid..he also gave me my first ferret..r.i.p.
  4. good day today..finished 6mths of chemo..so happy cant stop telling people ..lol

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    2. albert64


      you keep your chin up girl best wishes for the future

    3. lanesra


      Tremendous News , Look forward To Your Posts & Pics Again , Stay Strong !

    4. lunita


      oh thanks, this status is yr old i'm year cancer free now its all good :)


  5. lunita


    taken my little girl out following hunt since she was 1 and half and she loves it...shes 3 now and likes to help feed the hounds and likes to walk out with them and throw them biscuits...got to work on her whipping skills though..i keep getting whacked with it..
  6. looking forwards to rydal tomorrow :)

    1. johnny boy68

      johnny boy68

      rydal high lol ;)

      how you feeling now, better I hope.

  7. nice day at coniston yesterday :)

    1. Romany


      Did you win anything?

    2. lunita


      didnt show anything..just went for day and was watching hound showing

    3. FUJI


      We went along to Coniston,it was a grand day,we were taken in with the hounds and beagles too..i enjoyed it and the weather was just about favourable lol

  8. been all round lakedistrict today ..and didnt have my dslr camera as leant it to my brother....not a good move :(

    1. IanB


      I was over at ambleside last month, nice little spot..

    2. lunita


      yeah i went there today lovely little place..very pretty...been on a tour of some of the fell hunting ground and some of tourist places today...cant wait to go back with my camera though :)


  9. great day at puppy show yest even in rain..now bored :(

    1. pipcock


      not still bored are you,thats from 4th june lol :p

  10. brilliant pics really enjoyed looking through them
  11. i'l sign it...ive signed loads though before hope they work ..
  12. full of cold :((

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    2. hedz31


      Typical woman fecking moaning

    3. tomano1


      I've got it to but that's life lol

    4. lunita


      haha well its all good my throat hurts so much not eating as much..i mite actually get thin ;)

  13. really enjoyed seeing your pics..i remeber when i was in a city foxes used to come so close..plus is handy im learning from the comments left..im still useless with my camera and using auto
  14. yey no rain for once

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    2. GrCh


      lol leave it behind.

    3. pipcock


      lunita you'd be better with a bread roll for it lol

    4. lunita


      oh yeah hes in bloody bad books after that walk he rolled in some stinky crap ..covered ...didnt realise was s**t till id put my hand down and stroked him :((

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