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    all feild sports ,motorcycle trials,my three dogs black lab,two border terriers
  1. landrover

    certificate to work dogs

    You need fac or sgc to get them docked,
  2. hi killer 5 what part of north yorks please regards landrover
  3. landrover

    Scope Suitability ?

    I have the mtc viper on my .243, been on over 8 years and never had any issues
  4. landrover


    my son as one, nothing wrong with them, I have the hunter version, both of us are pleased with them
  5. landrover

    Yamaha Bruin Quad

    it is, sorry for the late reply,just got in from work
  6. landrover

    Yamaha Bruin Quad

    cheers mate
  7. landrover

    Yamaha Bruin Quad

    Yamaha Bruin Quad 2004 Model 350cc 3500 miles Serviced ( recently ) 4x New Tyres ( less than 50 miles ) Road Registered Plastics in Good Condition Shooting Rest and Basket if Wanted Lighting Kit 12 Months tax £1700 ono
  8. landrover

    Yamaha Quad

    Quad for sale. Yamaha Bruin 350cc ultramatic gearbox 2004 road registered 4x new tyres, taxed till feb but tax is free rifle rest and shooting basket on front recent service and fully serviced body work in good condition usual marks for age, tow bar,disc brakes Now £2200 ono Attached Images
  9. as above in as new condition £85 +p+p
  10. it as a calibration weight and two powder measures, and powder tray, weighing modes are g/oz/gr/ct,accuracy +/- 0.1gr,
  11. i have a set of sr750 digital scales £40 posted, if its any use to you now sold
  12. landrover

    Yamaha Kodiak 400 Replacement Plastics

    try here i get my parts and spares from them if they don't have it in stock they'll get it for you http://www.moorlandatv.co.uk/index-6.html
  13. landrover

    copper solvent

    I don't see why not
  14. landrover

    copper solvent

    try the kg range of solvents