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  1. I have a position available for underkeeper/apprentice. Must have previous experience. House kennels etc. Will be both grouse and pheasants. Get in touch if interested Thanks
  2. Mixture of all sorts Dave mainly during week but with odd Saturday. Cheers
  3. killer 5

    Beating/ Picking Up

    Anybody interested in beating or picking up near to Whitby North Yorkshire? We pay £45 after tax. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for both reliable beaters and pickers up for the pheasants. We shoot 2 days a week and pay £45 after tax has been deducted. Please get in touch if your interested. Experience preferred but not vital. I'm about 20 minutes from Whitby North Yorkshire. Thanks
  5. killer 5

    Patterdale Pup Any Time Soon

    Hopefully will have a litter with in the next week, if there is one spare I'll give you a shout if your interested?
  6. Please can someone tell me how many grower pellets I will need to feed 1000 poults to the time when I put them on to wheat Any info appreciated
  7. killer 5


    Cheers skull hooker, I wasn't saying a price just wondered if anyone would be interested an maybe suggest a reasonable price!
  8. killer 5


    I've got a gen 3 archer b grade that I paid £2500 for last year. This is one hell of a piece of kit that I use with a night aster 800 ir illuminator that cost me £200 . Foxes can easily be shot at 200 yd. Would anybody be interested in buying it and at what price? My reason for thinking about selling is the simple fact that I don't use it enough for the amount of money I have tied up in it!
  9. killer 5

    Quad Advice

    I have two yamaha 550 grizzly one on a 12 plate and one on a 14plate, plenty of grunt when pulling, plenty of go on the road and a big thing is apart from servicing I haven't spent a penny on either and they are worked 6/7 days a week. One thing I do have is oversized tyres, makes a massive difference when working on bank sides. I used to be a Honda man through and through but the last two were shite. Can't fault the grizzly 550.
  10. killer 5


    No I'm not one of those the one, I bought this pup because I have repeatedly tried to get a litter of pups from my gsp bitch with no luck, I've had her to the vets, blood tested for time of mating on several occasions and had courses of hormone injections.....etc, still no pups. That's why I bought this dog so I can replace both my old bitch and this pup when the time comes. I couldn't care a toss how good she is because at the end of the day I will not breed from any dog with any imperfection, maybe if there was more people with the same attitude there wouldn't be so much shit about! W.foxhound, hope this answers your question. All I'm saying is the price I paid I would like to think the dog should be sound in the mouth!
  11. killer 5


    I will put a pic up once ive spoken to the breeder... promise !
  12. killer 5


    I understand where your coming from mate but if the boot was on the other foot and I sold a pup and this happened I would refund and accept the dog back if they didn't want it. I suppose im that sort of person.
  13. killer 5

    Bull Russells

    I had one, he was excellent rock dog but shit in earths he couldn't find in them at all unless he bumped in to it. I kept him all his career and he did a lot of good for me. he knew his job when he got to it and could end a few problems in big rocky spots. I suppose he was good at the job he was good at but not an all rounder.
  14. killer 5


    Thanks to the people who have had decent comments to make, Think I will contact breeder and see what they say, after all they may not even know about this fault in there dogs.
  15. killer 5


    as long as you pay £750 a pup folk will keep breeding them for ££££££££,s …………fools will breed em if bigger fools buy them The trouble is you try and buy a kc reg working bred one cheaper ! I need them foe me job.