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  1. i own a long wheel based transit jumbo camper van conversion and i want to clean and repaint the underneath of it. does anyone know of any where that has a four post vehicle lift for hire or self use or a farm or industrial area that has an old fashioned service pit in the ground or a pair or tank ramps above ground. I am hoping that someone knows someone which can get me an introduction or owns one them selves I am in the midlands but i am willing to travel to them . if a great distence i would like to stay in the camper van conversion on site or near to site over the weekend. I have all my own tools and equipment and will not need any extras or assistance I am willing to pay cash for either a finders fee and sucessfull introduction and or an hourly rate for there hire or a fixed day rate I will be looking at two long weekends from saturday morning through to sunday afternoon to get it all cleaned up and repainted properly if anyone knows of a farmer or an old army base or RAF base that has above ground ramps or a service pit, i can pump any amount of waater out of it first and can reinstate the boards afterwards if required or an abandond site or yard or even a new place that i can rent for a weekend it does not need electricity or water or any thing else, i am willing to bring a shovel and dig out dirt to clear it as well I am also thinking old service bays to an industrial unit or mechcanics yard or building, any where really is considered. does not matter if the site is a demolished area or not roof or not or even wide open spaces i am also looking for a flat level piece of concrete where i can jack the van up and use axel stands to do the work underneath in the west midlands area as i live in a terreced house i have no where i can do this work so any help please in finding a spot to do so for more info and details please pm me, peter
  2. quick shout out looking for a reasonably prices hotel york way give or take 40 miles, must be willing to except well trained whippet and wife and brummie builder any suggestions please, looking to have a short break next week tuesday night to thurs/ fri,
  3. i practice at mill bank at Wolverhampton, but have been off ill for a while and just getting back and going
  4. just been looking through, found it amazing the amount of stuff you can get, i did think the guy charging £90 for one mould was out reaching a little to far tho,lol
  5. i have a club that will help me get the advanced one for me. i shall ask them to do so
  6. i used to live in south warwickshire and saw the total devastation they cause. kill on sight every time without fail.
  7. i am signed up to a dozen forums that like this i participate in. all but this one and one other are in the uk the rest are abroad. i find that some forums are so stick in the mud, dyed in the wool that if anyone suggests any thing what so ever they then get trolled to death i have left many forums because of that reason alone. i know only use one or two posts to keep a membership active so i can read only the posts but would never ever replay or add due to shouty members i am one forum and there is a self qualified bee keeper extraordinaire on it , as someone with a formal beekeepers qualification and 30 years of experience my self and this bloke have several times gone to logger heads for his , wrong, misleading and down right dangerous postings. i did start for a while to pm people who i thought were reading this postings and suggested other ideas to them. but got wind of it and started shouting again on the forum. so i just completely with drew all my info instead, he still now goads me for a laugh as he knows he has won and can do what ever he likes i prefer to read and work on forums in other countries as they are normally much much better at accepting other views or ideas and or experimentation. an example would be the use of saw shotguns to shoot whales with. in the uk you would marked as a hieratic an shunned or shouted at and trolled. in other countries people would at least discuss it ans work out the reasons for the suggestion and the way to work around it i posted a topic here http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/339408-10-gauge-are-they-worth-it-as-a-practical-hunting-weapon/ a reasonable question, 78 views zero response here. on another forum, lots and lots of trolls, in an other forum 25 replys and loads of help and information and its still coming. two people are now speaking to me directly via email and the info is great. yet for one small topic this is still one of the best and politest forums i use. i find with every forum that it as a whole will or will not work for you. some are directed to other areas off my interest and some do. i just go through them to find the ones that works for me the worst ones ever have to be the "bush craft "styles ones, i never knew so many trolls existed. not only did i get hate replys i also had hate PM messages, hate emails, once someone had found that out they posted it for every one else and i had hate mail untill i closed the account down. ended up speaking to police and lawyers and the forum mods to get it all resolved. what a bunch of animals they were on both forums. well glad i left them
  8. cheers dude, i knew they had changed but did not know what they were called and where and what they are. if i go through it once does it allow me to work with two seperate set of kids and reasons, looking for one for the gun club and one for work and one for the radio club. or do i have to do three of them
  9. what has replaced the CBR checks of old and what is its equivalent and how do i get one on my self, what does it cost where do i go and who do i speak to what are the rules and regulations with working with other peoples under 16's to 13year olds
  10. i would so want to live there i love france, i have no money and no job out there so it wont work , shame as i would be out there at the weekend if i could
  11. i would so loved to move over there and live in france, no job there though or a job to go to so i wont be doing it
  12. sorry boys but this sort of thing is well out of order now, good for the old days but not now. its so easy to get into trouble for this now. on my sites as the manager anyone doing this is prompty shot on site or kicked off site as for the other comments i was once working in henley when a mature lady complained of the lack of "attention" as she walked past and she truely was beautifull so true to my word we had a labourer on watch and when she was seen walking back i had every single man lined up on the gate way and the wolf whistling started at 400m and kept going till she was past. at the same time two separate unknown ladies walked past and they also smiled at us to just because most do i am affraid its not allowed and as for approaching the lady involved that to me is well out of order, big style out of order
  13. wow serious stuff that info
  14. i would rather look at hundreds of these than one nuclear plant, also i can remove a wind turbine totally in a few months a plant takes around one hundred years and zillions of my tax payers money cant see why they dont concentrate on getting more based off shore rather than on land, we are an island so theres plenty of water for them to stand in
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