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  1. on way home from pub last week I stopped a rape What, you gave in and consented in the end :laugh: no I couldn't get a erection had to let her go !!!! Good come back
  2. There's a simple answer to this problem. Ask for volunteers to provide accomadation and funds for refugees families until they can support themselves. Then (A) we'll see just how many of the do gooders back it up (or suddenly go quiet) and ( when volunteers stop it means we're full.
  3. on way home from pub last week I stopped a rape What, you gave in and consented in the end :laugh:
  4. Problem is, if he was "taken aside for a quick word" you lose fac, he loses nothing !
  5. rodp

    Going Old School

    And afraid ! Wonder if there was a camera crew around ?
  6. I think thats a lovely ideology but in reality how many extremely wealthy people do you see who have the cosy little wife,children and a dog thing going on as well.....not many.....by its very nature chasing after wealth requires a focus that will get in the way of most things.......some people see success as wealth some see success as family but they can both be lost just as easily as they are gained plenty of folk have kids too young and it doesnt work out or have broken marriages for any number of reasons as long as they look after their family financially i cant see any issue with the single minded pursuit of success in business.........there are plenty of different types of riches its just a case of striking a balance between all of them and its easier said than done in my opinion. I agree with plenty of that mate, getting a balance can be almost impossible......I certainly wouldn't have the skill for it and that's why I will never have what I would think of as a "lot" of money.. An old boy, who I worked with as a kid and eventually bought out has what I would call proper money......he has worked like a dog all his life and is probably good for about 4 mil in readies not to mention property, boats blah blah.....he is a funny man, generous and mean all at the same time. He give me my chance in life, alright I had to pay for it, but he learned me a lot.......on the flip side his wife told me that when their youngest was born and she went into labour he said "there's nothing I can do about, I have got deliveries to do.....here's £20 for a cab to the hospital" !!! When I bought him out his phone just stopped ringing so he had to start working again in order to have any life at all because when he packed up, his family had all gone off and done their own thing.......I think that's a bit sad myself, but very much his own fault. I guess I just never wanted the pound note enough to be that way. I know someone just like that. he bought me out 3 times just because he had to have the money I was making. He'd buy my business, I would work for him for a while as factory manager then I'd start back up. Once I was up and running he's buy me out again. I looked on it as a bonus. Now he's sold his business and retired he's got nothing, got the money but no family except a wife who likes money as much as him. He left his first wife when the daughters were born and didn't see or speak to them for years, got no family, no hobbies and no mates ............... poor sod.
  7. Depends what he was carrying. If he'd got a few tons on he wouldn't notice another one or two.
  8. They're not going to stop them, or send them back, full stop. It's predominately muslims coming over and our country and Europe make a lot of money from muslim countries. They will not upset the muslims.... They'll fill us to the brim with immigrants while they line their pockets, you wait and see !!
  9. rodp

    Going Old School

    Be careful deserbred is on night maneuvers, he'll have ya he will know ive been when he wakes in the dawn with no hammock and canvas and all the veg gone out of his stew I will leave the meat probably not halal Nah, feed the meat to the big cat that's stalking him , make a nice starter
  10. The soft play areas are expensive to set up, I know, we make mobile ones for the fairgrounds. We don't make vast amounts from it, the materials / labour involved soon mount up.
  11. First rule of business, do what you can do not what you want to do !! Second rule, plead poverty !!
  12. but what if they hate lion hunting with bows????? Lol Who wears a bow to go hunting ? OK, I'll get me coat
  13. For the life of me I can't understand why you would feel a need to do that ...what the fcuk do you gain .. another notch on your embarrassing criminal record, a fine and a hefty compensation bill. complete and utter scumbag. He'll be a doley, probably won't pay a dime and already have a record so nothing to lose. If he can't pay then he should be taken to a workhouse and made to work it off, no work no food, and stay there until it's paid.
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