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  1. if any pups do appear i'll give you the whole litter at a day old, free of charge of course, you dont mind handrearing do ya awww cheers ur a wee gem carragh ........big into the hand rearing me...... done any bushing since the last time we talked?? lol
  2. lol...... ahhh wee joke between me and carrahh mate noo offence meant..... are you he husband ooopzz lol :bad: :bad:
  3. why would you even want to
  4. larry murphy... a year in hiding on 3 [irish channel] 9pm tonight, SCUMBAG.

  5. my auld fella ate barbequed locusts when he was in africa with the army... something to do with the mau-mau. i wouldnt object eating some bugs... scorpions, ants etc
  6. now i wouldnt have any problem tryingthat, snake is on my must try list as well, ive been wanting to go to japan for a long time after hearing about snake-bars where you pick a live snake from a basket and it is killed and cooked there and then and they they turn it into some kind of snake/noodle soup
  7. Who ever it was they are only f*****g scum,and if and when they are finially caught they should be treated as such. treated like scum... nah .... id rather set the lot of them on fire.
  8. larry murphy... a year in hiding on 3 [irish channel] 9pm tonight, SCUMBAG.

  9. id put money on it either being a certain mayo gamefowl theif or his family or a certain tuam family and their inlaws
  10. Some of us want a new tractor, a new transport box or a new haybob. But some of us just want to find the f****n top link. Many hours of work are lost daily on farms across the world lookin for top links. Please post this to your profile in memory of all the head scratchin and cursin at this cruel epidemic and in memory of all the poor farmers who have lost valuable time at their daily chores or if you have had the tortureous experience of not being able to find the c**ts b*****d of a top link.

  11. http://www.junch.com/balut-eggs/comment-page-1/#comment-308
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