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  1. Few in Australia through wheelers grip
  2. Gday Chop, I havnt been on here for a while, good to see your still getting a few
  3. Cut them 1" long when two days old.
  4. Thanks for the replies, a good bit of discussion. A lot of greyhound blokes wont do it, they will breed with another dog then breed the third litter back to the first sire. The averages say that you might get a litter of city track winners in the first mating but lucky to get a single dog to make it to the city in the repeat mating. Was just wondering if people had found it with terriers, ive never had the chance to do a repeat mating one of them hasn't lived long enough to try.
  5. Whats peoples thoughts on using the same sire twice in a row over the same bitch? I've found and seen that the second or third litter are not as good as the first, more so with running dogs than terriers.
  6. Neil I would trade you bloodlines any day of the week, we do require nice small terriers over here though with most dens being scratched out rabbit holes, you cant breed for every situation but a 5kg dog that stands 12-13" should be able to get up to Charlie 95% of the time.
  7. When a mans in the game for all the right reasons he doesn't need websites and magazines to promote himself.
  8. Plenty of gaps have been filled in to complete the pedigrees and make the pups a more saleable item, its all a crock of shit but plenty of noddys around happy to part with their coin. Theres only been one decent patt imported to Australia but unfortunately he died from a snake bite
  9. All cracking terriers dillydog, the sort we need over here in oz, nice and tight.
  10. He's a 27" stag/whip/bull, not the fastest dog going around but doesn't break either
  11. Probably my best well rounded runner so far, took 20 or so under the light over 2 nights at 2 years of age
  12. hope your address isn't on the dogs name tag
  13. A couple of sisters that don't mind a walk in the park
  14. In greyhound breeding it is often thought that useing the same sire twice in a row won't produce the same standard of pups, breed data and performance sheets back these thoughts. But obviously it's not all black and white. There is no wrong or right and everyone will always have a story to tell to back there train of thought. As for breeding from the bitch in question, go for it, keep the pups tightly held and be prepared to cull more than the bitch in 12 months time. If it works out for you then your well in front and can ease off the working pressure on the bitch and let her 12 month old
  15. 40 foxes risen in a day? thats a hell of a lot Yeah mate last year was a exceptional season, the year prior to that the bitches bred big litters of up to 7-8 and most survived due to a heap of food being available, the quail were thick on the ground the crickets were thick and we had plenty of locust plauges. This year 10-15 is a good number for a satdy hunt with maybe the same amount being missed for various reasons, its not like that right through out Australia but more in the southern states. lts also why good hard terriers arn,t so popular down here, back in the seventys when skin
  16. A couple of good hounds in a fox driving pack is a good thing if they have been bred right, here in Australia there is some decent stuff that is hot nosed, independant and biddable. Mine wont go more than a km on a fox that the shooters have missed before he comes back and looks for another, l can call him off anything if he is within earshot or a vibrate on the correction collar will stop him and bring him back into the cover but as a rule he will do it himself as that was how he was taught. Last season was a good one here and he would help push out up to 40 foxes on a days hunt, 15-20 of t
  17. Hello, l have a barryvox pulse and b&f collar that l use for my terriers but have just got given some good working ferrets. Is it possible to run the barryvox pulse with some deben collars or will l have to buy the deben handpiece aswell?. cherrs scott
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