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    have been involved most of my life with working terriers and lurchers to fox and rabbit used to do a lot of lamping when i was a bit quicker on my feet mostly foxing know with terriers and lurchers also ferreting and shooting have bin breeding good working dogs so i know what is needed to do the job

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  1. hes looking good would not think he was 12 only one left out of that litter my boy has got a half brother 15 yrs old .
  2. bloody hell hes wareing better than me . lost his sister only last year but i have some of younger ones out of her and grand sons they turned out ok darren they was a good litter lovely to here keep in touch bolty .
  3. I've got one of the pups out of this litter.I first started keeping lurchers in the 70s and I do pest control for a living. The bitch has had 25 rabbits and 2 rats and still only 7 months. She retrieves to hand and jumps easily. Works cover and has a great future. Nice natured dog and everything you would want in a working lurcher. Sorry I haven't got room for another one. Bolty knew what he was doing with this cross.



  4. just a bit of a up date on the pups they are seven months old now i still have three here a dog and two bitchs the dog hat the moment his about twenty four a very rangy dog they seem to carry a lot of the colly gene in there make up got the drive of the pointer they are very agile pups and very bold nothing seems to phase them they are natural jumpers and will get over any obsticles that get in there way they are very biddable pups no cover seems to fase them the two bitchs are smaller than th
  5. has most will now i bred the pups has for what the german wirehaired pointer brings to the cross i bred them because i lost my dog a first cross wirehaired x greyhound last september so wanted a replacement same he was a excellent dog hat what i used him for fox mainly would find any where he loved the open hill where he could free range the most biddable dog you could wish to have but when needed to could turn it on just what you want in any lurcher brains then you want a good nose stamina sound feet that can run on most terrain good co
  6. fair play owen pup looking good to those that commented about pups feet they all had good tight feet and all lovely natured pups .
  7. sorry for previous post printed it wrong father was a 5/8 greyhound 3/8 collie mother first cross wire haired pointer greyhound .
  8. the mother was a first cross wirehaired pointer x greyhound she was put back to a 5/8 3/8 greyhound dog .
  9. thank you for the comments but i dont now about the one of the perfect lurcher I just hope they become usefull for what ever the new owners want them for they should turn out to be pretty versatile dogs at the moment they are very forward adventures pups everything you would want a pup to be at this age good luck to every body thats had one i was lucky to find good working homes for them thank you and keep posting pictures has I can see there progress .
  10. has bird said hes a big strong dog to put on a little framed bitch always better do it the other way put a littler dog over a bigger bitch hope every thing goes ok .
  11. the bitch his out of john halsteads pointer dog who will take foxs single handed and a courseing bred greyhound which was also a good working bitch I ONLY acquired this bitch because of person that had her from a pup but sadly hes got to have a operation and will be out of action for quite a while so I WAS very lucky to get hold of her and breed a litter for my self they have turned out to be crackers could not have wished for a better litter of pups considering not used this cross before .
  12. thank you welsh man your pup his comeing on good they all growing well getting real forward theres another two pups orded so theres only two left now see you in a bit or give me a ring thanks .
  13. you got it wrong mate they are nothing to do with any dogs that came from the beacons .
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