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  1. Have any of you lads heard of a dog called pike from Huddersfield would be getting on abit now if still about trying to find out his breeding cheers tatty.
  2. Where abouts are you maggot.
  3. Nice strong pups them very nice.
  4. Very nice mate. Got a pup here kirstysdad old dog is grandfather to him sound little pup.
  5. no dog above is son of the old dog will see if I got picture of the old dog what bitch did your pup come from I am thinking father is deans dog rusty used rustys brother regi over my black bitch to keep some of the old blood in there
  6. Kirstysdad got a pup from Dean think he said your old dog was it's grandfather would that be your red dog.
  7. 95% if not more are that far from the original blood there not wheeler there just scatter bread terriers given the name to make a bit of coin.
  8. In Oxfordshire mate will keep my ears open if I hear anything will give you a shout Hope they turn up.
  9. Hope all goes well for you next season mate and the dogs keep doing what there doing.
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