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  1. kiwi

    GSP,GWP or ESS ??

    completely different genetics, 4 breeds used including the korthals griffon. gwps are more laid back compared to the gsp and have a more robust nature,,,, aloof and sharp. i like the spaniels as well as my wirehairs, both work well, depending on what i want to hunt over for the day, pointer or flusher.
  2. kiwi

    Rugby world cup 2011

    we got payback coming.........put it that way.
  3. kiwi

    Rugby world cup 2011

    hard luck wales. if you are going to blame the ref for the loss then you are only pissing on the men who played there guts out despite being a man down............... you lost because you couldn't convert any kicks into points. france were on the back foot for most of the game......... wales played brilliantly, let down by the boot not the ref. fingers crossed for tonite.
  4. kiwi

    Rugby world cup 2011

    best of luck wales........ the whole of nz is backing you guys.
  5. kiwi

    Cocker dog too hot

    mate, [bANNED TEXT] an awesome dog.............wanna sell him to a new zealand home ?
  6. kiwi

    German Wirehaired Pointer

    Go to www.mustwork.co.uk these are one of the best working gwp kennels in the country!!! Okay, here's my question. Do you want a German Wirehaired Pointer or a Deutsche Drahthaar? Deutsche Drahthaar translates to German Wirehair Pointer, but they are not the same dog breed. The two breeds are growing very much apart. From my understanding of what I've read the German Wirehaired Pointer has more flexiability in how it's bred because it doesn't have to adhere to the strict German Standards; that has good and bad points. In the USA German Wirehaired Pointers appear to be focusing more on bird hunting; whereas, the Deutsche Drahthaar focus is to maintain strict standards and the ability to be well rounded versatile / continental hunting dog; focusing more on fur, feather, blood trialing, etc... There is much discussionj in the USA about these two breeds. Spend the extra money and get a Pudelpointer. Cheers. -- Steve Last time i did German deutsche drahthaar WAS german for German Wirehair............. explain difference please. Kimmax have been running these for years and they advertise them as drahthaar or GWP....................................... IMO this just sounds a bit more "exotic" but I'll bow to anybody who has better knowledge drahthaar is just the german translation for wirehair yes, they are the same breed yes, but the working quality in the drahthaar and health is much more refined and pure.
  7. kiwi

    German Wirehaired Pointer

    some good ideas steve but you need to keep in mind the american gwp is different from the uk bred gwp. show breeders have imported u/s gwps however which won't do the gene pool any good.
  8. kiwi

    Retrieving Problem

    take the dummy in your hand and with the other hand lift up the bit of flank skin between the back leg and the ribs at the same time saying your release command works every time. at his age i wouldn't put too much pressure on him, have fun with him he's only a pup.
  9. kiwi


    trust me there's fit and fit and then there's cockers, when my gwps have knocked off for the day these little b*****ds are still working til ya put them in the dog box.
  10. kiwi


    i think you will find it's the opposite mate...
  11. kiwi

    Brittany retrieving problems

    sounds like there may have been a bit of sideways damage going on while you have been away. you are right never chastise a pup for having something in it's mouth, more so for hit and miss retrievers like britts. put any sort of retriving on the back burner for a while and just try and encourage her to return to you when she does pic stuff up..... a dummy left lying around the yard for her to find as soon as you let her out and full of beans would be a good start
  12. kiwi


    we have 3 wires at home but own another 4 that are worked by mates and have another couple coming into the country next year.. we also have 4 cockers at home and another 2 worked by mates, and a few more booked from wales, working cockers are pretty rare in this country, we imported from cumbria and wales and hope to get them more established here. i can see some jagd terriers coming in time
  13. kiwi


    part of the wirehairs arsenal is the indicate or point. on driven shoots in the beating line it simply is not required, i no longer use my wirehairs for this role other than for a young pup and as an intro to finding birds. i have spaniels that do the job much better at least from a built for purpose role. for deer and pigs while stalking them i expect them to indicate the same as hunting walked up gamebirds but without the casting and range... they can hunt them the same way as a normal pigdog by finding them and bailing them no worries at all, in fact turn ya back on them or miss the early signs and all my dogs will slip off for some fun....not always welcome if you are after a deer at the time. wild cats and gwp's are just made for each other.
  14. kiwi

    Autumn Internationals

    yeah i must of watched a different game the one i saw was the welsh trying to win by kicking penalties against a team scoring tries well done to the men in red you showed plenty of skill regardless of the outcome.
  15. kiwi

    New Zealand Mine disaster

    a few scots were on the list and the 17 year old was due to start work the following day but started a day early. the min silence at the welsh/all black game was good to see.