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    I have a slight obsession with dogs, especially sporting and hunting dogs.

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  1. ivebeen

    Favourite Quarry

    It's ol longears for me.
  2. ivebeen

    What Do We Expect Of Our Dogs.

    Cheers! This is class!
  3. ivebeen

    What Do We Expect Of Our Dogs.

    I believe that most dogs are average workers, nothing above par. But every now and a great while, you witness some dog work that truly changes what you think is possible, or changes expectations of dogs your keeping or will keep in the future. I myself, am OK with owning average workers that I have alot of fun with. But I have seen some dogs(large and small) do things consistently that most would consider not possible. It ALL comes down to exposure, what you expose your dogs too, and what you expose yourself too. If you hunt with enough dogmen and dogs, you have a chance of seeing some things most only read about...
  4. ivebeen

    Best Pic Of One Of Your Lurcher

    Bull x Whippet
  5. Bud looking for some trouble
  6. Buddy dog a few minutes after running a northern arizona jackrabbit
  7. ivebeen

    Scenery While Hunting !

    A oversized whippet in WA,usa
  8. ivebeen

    Kids And Lurchers. How Did It Start ?

    "Dear god help Sally run faster"! That's class Leesy! Great story
  9. ivebeen

    Kids And Lurchers. How Did It Start ?

    Started taking my nephew out with the dogs(bulldog and terrier) at about 5 or 6 years old. Just chasing rabbits and the odd moggy or coyote chase. I still remember the first time he seen the dogs catch a rabbit. We entered the terrier into a brush pile and had the bulldog waiting back a few yards for a bolt. Well the terrier managed to grab one in the brushpile and draw it to the surface. At the sound of the bunny screaming I can still remember my nephew shouting "Uncle uncle, Grim caught a rabbit she got one!" His expression was priceless and I was darn proud to have introduced him to dogs and have success that afternoon with dogs i raised. Well Grim the terrier brought the bunny to the surface and I told my nephew "now take it easy, but pull her and the rabbit out and give her a lot of praise for doing her job" he proceeded to yank the dog and bunny out while screaming "good girl Grim, good girl!" And patting her on the head with the bunny still in her jaws. I could tell he was hooked from that moment, and he continues to ask to take the dogs out with me a few years later now. Attached is a picture of his first rabbit, and just a few more pics of him and the dogs over the years. Now I have my own son who is only 1month 11days old and I cannot wait to take him out for some rabbit runs and coyote courses with the lurchers and whippets when he is old enough to sit on my shoulders for a few hours on a cold dark night or early frosty morning. The joys in seeing a young lad learn and enjoy dog work are immeasurable, and surpass the joy I first got when running the dogs all by myself. Not many greater gifts we can give to the younger generations than showing them the old ways and country living, especially when it comes to the dogs!
  10. ivebeen

    Books I Have Written.

    I've heard you were putting something together, and am stoked to hear that it's a reality and you plan on releasing the the public and such? You can count me in for a copy of both books. I wish we could have had more opportunities to work the dogs together. I'm currently in central Washington and sure would like to meet up with ya before I leave at the end of the month and get a little taste of the books and do some hunting together again possibly? I got a terrier, whippet and bulldog here ready to roll. Regardless, happy to hear about this and am excited to read what you've put together. Lord knows there is not enough GOOD dog books out there regarding these types, and even fewer authors. All the best Mosby
  11. 33lb 21.5" whippet on the throat.
  12. ivebeen

    Pocket Rocket Bull Whippet Pups

    Wezza, what age are them pups? They look a nice type.
  13. No, whippets can't do much of anything but sleep good and shiver well