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  1. I know it may seem like a long shot but im after a small type springer or sprocker for a bit of bushing and gun work,if anyone can help be grateful.
  2. Thanks for all the advice!I filled my forms in a mentioned I am expecting them as I am still waiting for them to come through but I explained it on the form so fingers crossed.
  3. I thought I ruined my chances I got caught in a 30 twice doing 36 and 38!lol
  4. I thought I ruined my chances I got caught in a 30 twice doing 36 and 38!lol
  5. Hi there im new to the shooting world,ive done a few lessons on clay shoot and lokking at getting into it,my dads been shooting for a fair few years!im just in the process of applying for my shotgun licence and need some advice on what type of guns to look for?Im looking around to spend around the 300 mark and would prefer a over and under 20g as I dont like heavy guns!any advice would be great!
  6. Hi there im 26 and am going to apply for my shotgun licence to start foing with my dad,ive recently got six points on my driving licence in the 9 years ive been driving!could anyone help me and know if it would effect my chances of getting my licence?ive got no criminal record in amyway other than that?any advice would be grateful.
  7. nice dog, and even before they were banned, the best were( never ) in this country, only a small gene pool over here. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/yes.gif scotsman max was from this country and he was without doubt one of the best in the uk!
  8. new it was your dog palsorry mate I thought you meant a spaniel I was getting rid of a while ago.
  9. Some low life f**k stole a picture of my dog off here and put it as there's on preloved for sale,how low can you get!wish I found the number but I can't find the ad my mate see it on there and took a picture of the ad but can't find it again for the number!so be careful peeps.
  10. Hi there I'm after a spaniel to work cover for my lurchers willing to pay and travel,if anyone can point me in the right direction il be grateful thanks
  11. My bitch lucky,one of rj pups,doing everything I need her to
  12. is this a pup from bull mick1 the ones advertised on here?cracking looking pup mate!
  13. well go for bull x grey if you want size,your looking for the wrong dog!
  14. Hi there I'm just wondering if anyone would know of any honest bushing terriers forsale,good working home offered,need one to flush out for the lurchers,thanks.
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