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  1. There some pics bud Id s**t myself up there with my dog off the lead cuz hed probably run straight off
  2. tat was not a show lad it was racing show as showing dogs..we are starting flapping racing 11th april 3.30 start Id be up for that on the 11th ! Do you need to enter or is is just turn up on the day ?
  3. Is this the one that was suposed to be on in kilmeaden on the 16th ?
  4. Massive rats around the place !
  5. Lovley looking pups Heres mine only a pup though 8 month in pics !
  6. I dont know how to spell it but somethimg like this "KisssssssKissssss" and then "Get on "
  7. My whippet pup for next season only 8 months old in pic now 9 month will get more recent pics up soon !
  8. I no all breeds are different build and all that but i would just like to know what your dogs weight on and off season ? Breed, sex, hight and weight ( pics if you like )
  9. Love this film saw it way too many times lol as you can see by my signature
  10. Iv seen in a couple of shops bottles of energize and stuff, and alot of greyhound men give there dogs suplliments before a day coursing and iv heard people also use blue powerade ! So do any of you use any of this sort of stuff before a day flappning, ferreting or lamping ?
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