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  1. but it obviously increases your chances of getting closer to your chosen quarry so it will increase the chances of the dog catching the quarry! i would think.. that's why i'm asking, i'm not up to date with all this inferred, it must help or people wouldn't buy it!
  2. Iv'e just read a post on another hunting website about somebody who has just bought an inferred kit for there lamp.. stating that he was lamping in the 21st century. with dogs of course. he swears by technology but personally i would rather use a lamp without the help of all that nonsense. give yourself & your dogs abit more of a test ect ect. was just looking for some views really .. who's for technology whilst out lamping with dogs, and who is against it? there's only one way of lamping for me! Thanks!
  3. as stated above, not bothered about batteries ect just after the lamp. pick up or drop off only .. darlington area, will travel within reason. thanks! tom.
  4. Is there any websites i can go on to apply for a magazine to be delivered to my house, hunting clothing & footwear ones. as im after some new good gear for the season kicking in. thanks, tom!
  5. Okay will see you there .. theres afew of us going ii think .. will be a good day out
  6. Not long now lads .. dale we surely need to go out this season together, you at raby gamefair 9th - 10th july?
  7. Its about 26in lads .. He going to get some stick this season Maybe a few trips to the fens.
  8. Here is my 28month old saluki greyhound im running next season .. Sire Sparky (Out of shearer) Dam: Hollie (Casper x Ruthie) Would like to see your pics .. Maybe some off similar lines Thanks, Tom.
  9. Ive just read your post .. Good luck pal. You on about going to haughall? I went there for about 3 month. What you wanting to study?
  10. Is it a Google mail address by any chance?? Some forums won't accept those 'cos it hides the I.P. so I'm told. Best of luck with the search and good on you for useing a bit of nouse It never hurts to ask. No its a hotmail address been using it for years so cant understand & Your right pal .. Dont ask you dont get.
  11. AND when you get in college take everything offered,it WILL pay off!! I know its the best thing but the nearest agricultural collage to me is some miles away, Would be better off with an apprenticeship or something similar. If i keep searching something will come off .. It has to
  12. They wont let me on the British Farming Forum for some reason to do with my e-mail address. I will keep trying tho .. Cheers lads
  13. coursing mad


    i dont think it was a true story mate. i might be wrong but seemed based on a true story .. Hence the reason the people where talking us through it.
  14. coursing mad


    i enjoyed that film .. Respect to lucas where ever he is today, Thats what i call a true huntsman.
  15. Cheers for the advice I know its not the best place too look for jobs but like i say its worth a try. You just never know whats going to pop up. I would quite gladly do it for free if there is a chance of a job afterwards. Thanks again.
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