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    Getting out with the dogs & having a good nights lamping with some nice results.
  1. luke.

    landrover discovery

    Iv got a 2.0 diesel auto Vitara mate with 5 months tax but lil test but also needs welding. Its on a R reg aswell pal ?
  2. luke.

    New lamping mobile

    Just got meself a Suzuki Vitara 2.0l Diesel lamping machine, any 1 got any oppinions people ?
  3. luke.

    Sunderland lad

    FFS lads yous no the dance, caught. Either way they got killed.
  4. luke.

    a bit of bushing

    Very nice mate, ATB with them and cheers pal.
  5. luke.

    Sunderland lad

    It was a lovely looking dog like, he told me it killed 12 deer out of 13 slips
  6. luke.

    Sunderland lad

    [bANNED TEXT] a seen it ages ago am sure pete sed he was 2 and a havnt been threw there for over a year mate a think.
  7. luke.

    a bit of bushing

    Shes a Saluki Bull Collie Grey pal, hows yours bred ?
  8. luke.

    a bit of bushing

    if that works as well as it looks it will b e some tool Thanks alot mate, starting to impress me alot
  9. luke.

    Sunderland lad

    Morra a thort Pete got that dog from down the country and he will be alot older than 3 but fits the description 110% ?
  10. luke.

    a bit of bushing

    Spot on mate, dogs look well. That light brindle dog looks the spit of my bitch.
  11. £10 posted for the lot mate ?
  12. luke.

    swap trousers

    Not got not 36 0r 38 waist pants mate ?
  13. Cant wait for tonite, winds fcuking howling !!! Happy Days.

  14. 2 Foxes in 2 nites, role on tonite.

    1. paulus


      all shot and retrieved....

    2. luke.


      Exactly mate haha

  15. luke.

    New Dimmers by Lightforce

    I dont mean the 1 with the dial on the back lads. We have 1 of them but just gt the new 1 with a double button for your variable power.