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  1. Hi Does anyone use anything other than subsonic ammo for rabbit control on here? Cheers
  2. thanks for the input chaps, all very intersting. bottom line is...why use a shotgun when there are more than enough people out there who have the correct tools for the job!
  3. Please can you guys help settle an argument I have been having with a friend. Are shotguns legal to shoot deer with? I say no, if not legally then certainly ethically! But he says yes dependant of cartridge!? Can anyone clarify?
  4. Hi lads, Im in need of some help from a ratting crew, we have a couple of acres of land with stables, some pheasant pens, chicken houses etc. we are starting to get over run with rats! My dogs have a crack at them but I need an experienced terrier crew to get then numbers down. There is a few really big feckers! If anyone can help please contact me and we'll have a morning getting it sorted.....pastys, tea and biscuits and maybe some home brew cider will part of the deal! Cheers
  5. Hi all, I have a small holding in clay pit country cornwall, and have a serious issues with rats....and i mean rats that could beat Arnie in a body building contest! can anyone help me? Cheers
  6. thinking about buying this in the near future, any good? http://www.decoying.co.uk/?page=show-item&item=70
  7. No its not anything to smirk about...but......who the feck pays farmers to shoot vermin!???? Come on...seriously? the people I shoot for all give me a xmas bottle or a few quid, I wouldn’t be spending money on guns, fuel, ammo, clothing etc etc etc if I then had to pay for the shooting as well! Unless its is a lease on deer stalking!
  8. Hello boys and girls, what’s you views on proven running dogs, and buying pups with little known background? For instance, a friend of mine on here "bullmastif" had a cracking lurcher called Roo who he got from a home, he didn’t know his background but the dog was a class act! Anyone what knows bullmastiff and Roo will vouch for that! Also a friend of mine bought a pure whippet pup last year, from an advert in the paper with record of a working background and dog is retrieving live to hand, and is a little corker! So the question is...is it really the breeding stock or i
  9. been trying to call...your hpne seems to be switched off mate? cheers
  10. I’m in St Austell, but I have a couple of thousand acres dotted over Devon and Cornwall. I gave got quite a few hundred acres with either barley, cabbage ( sh*t load of pigeons there, I guess they like cabbage!??) and various other crops. I can travel anywhere really…company fuel card comes in handy when running a 4x4! The barley won’t be cut till mid July usually, but I do have some other ground where i see them regularly. dannyboy - I have replied to your PM.
  11. Hello boys and girls, I am sad to say that I have never been pigeon decoying and I am desperate for someone to show me the ropes! I am an experienced rifle shot, and spend most of my time lamping for rabbits or deer stalking. However I have loads of ground "going to waste" with barley and various other crops. If someone is willing to help get me started I can return the favor with a couple of outings looking to a roe buck, or a few nights lamping etc. if anyone is willing to help it would be much appreciated. ps: I don’t have any decoying kit, apart from a 12guage!...Iâ
  12. i to was paying £43 for 20 round of federal 140g power shock....reloading now sooo cheap! why cant you reload mate? i'm now using 100g hornady, although prob a bit light for the mighty red's!
  13. Hello everyone, Just a quick poll to see who cleans their centre fire rifle etc, been a long debate within my shooting friends! Cheers Happy hunting
  14. Hello bullmastiff! I to have had issues with the atlas joint on the past....and your right, it isnt "always" instant...end of story! As previously mentioned you have to change the method according to the situation. When I went on my first impala hunt in Africa I was faced with a VERY lively buck (the one as my profile pic as it goes), I managed to avoid getting severally injured (god knows how, I was so inexperienced back then) and straddle the buck so I could use a knife... when I stuck it, it only seems to anger the beast even more! It quickly turned in to a "buffalo bill" and the
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