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  1. Cheers guys, looks like it's to the vets we go again
  2. My deerhound cross severed a tendon in her toe, I didn't really think anything of it at the time, just another cut foot, cleaned it up, let it heal and now it's pretty obvious she has no "grip" movement in that toe, when she stretches all her toes curl but that one stays pointing skyward, doesn't really bother her, other than the claw not wearing like the others it doesn't seem to effect her, just wondered if it would be slowing her down at speed or in the turn? It's her inside front left toe... Cheers Molie
  3. Surely encouraging the dog to chase anything, lure or bunny, is only going to encourage it to chase, be that rag, cat, rabbit skin or real rabbit and everything in between?
  4. I have seen one made from a caravan step with a starter motor attached,empty plastic cotton real of welding wire for the lure string, attached to the starter motor and a button/switch for making it go, attach it to the car via cig plug and away you go.....
  5. Aye too much water and not enough frosty mornings...first frosty morning we've had for weeks and my landy has 2 punctures....typical!
  6. A great man once said..."ooo you lucky, lucky b*****ds"...i wish I was old and crusty, I was born in the wrong time i think! Cracking pics Atb Molie
  7. I have been asking for permission in some new places recently, specifically regarding terrier work, a few places have said "no we have a keeper" or "no its already shot"....i live in the south east so the area might be a little less clued up about terrier work compared to say oop north or Wales. .. I was wondering how any of you lads go about it, what response would you give to those answers, or would you have a different approach? Thanks Molie
  8. Good result lads been keeping an eye all day!
  9. Ideation you're so right, I'm of that age where the ban actually got me interested in dog work, before then I knew nothing of it and was happy pinging bits with the air rifle, I never pick it up now, boring!
  10. Well said gnipper! I would have a lurch over a gun any day, shooting doesn't give you the heart in your gob, arse hole falling out kinda feeling that seeing a good dog run does, even if the game is away on its toes!
  11. I've got one but it's a dole scrounge....
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