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  1. just been down to check on my mate , water is 3 foot up the walls of his house , hes 67 aswell
  2. I went to the pub last night and there was this fat girl dancing on a table. I walked passed and said "f*****g amazing legs" The girl giggled and said with a smile "Do you really think so" I said "Definitely, most tables would have collapsed by now"!!

    1. charlie nelly1

      charlie nelly1

      this was on last week

    2. wearney


      plenty of them in the forest mate

  3. wonders how long after a bout of diarrhea before you can fart with confidence?

    1. martnmagik


      try it and see....let me know the out come so i dont make the mistake lol


    2. paulus


      depends on how tight your pants are

  4. Is wondering why dogs run to the door when someone knocks?It's never 4 them!

  5. Why did the banana go to the doctors......cos he didn't PEEL WELL......

    1. paulus


      i thought you were going to say because he had been on a bender...lol

  6. I have mood poisoning, must have been some of that bullshit I swallowed

  7. I'm not fat, I'm environmentally friendly. The fatter I am, the less water I need to fill the bath

  8. Elderly couple in church. Wife turns to husband and says "I've just done a silent fart, what should I do?" Husband says "put new batteries in your f****n hearing aid!"

  9. same here mate , how would payment be sorted out if i wanted one
  10. just found my girlfriends secret vibrator stashed away in her wardrobe i am not saying its big but i am thinking of entering in robot wars

  11. My missus asked me if I could show her a good time? So I showed her some photos of me and my mates before I got married

  12. A government warning said that anyone travelling in icy conditions should take a shovel ,blankets or sleeping bag,extra clothing including a scarf hat and gloves. 24 hour supply of food and drink de - icer , rock salt torch spare batteries. Safety triangle tow rope , petrol can 1st aid kit - jump leads . . . I looked a right twat on the bus this morning !!

  13. f*****g Arseholes, IM GONNA FIND YA!!! I can't believe this has happened 2 us [bANNED TEXT] on top of christmas! Just got home 2 find all my windows wide open!! They've taken everything Its all gone! The dirty rotten robbing b*****ds what kind of sick minded people would do that 2 another person man? you low life Scum!! .......... That was my advent calendar and you had no [bANNED TEXT] 2 open it and eat all my chocolates!!!!!

  14. you got any pics of the caravan ones
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