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  1. just whippet its not the black one in pic al upload pic later
  2. whippet bitch for sale in gateshead nearly a year old £150 ono house trained good with kids and other dogs
  3. anyone no if there is any allotments going in gateshead pm is cheers

  4. creased at geordie shore balls deep in hairy muff haha

  5. I took my dog to the dole office to see what he was entitled to, the bloke behind the counter said 'you idiot, we don't give benefits to dogs!' so I argued 'why not? He's brown, he stinks, he's never worked a f*****g day in his life and he can't speak a word of English' the man replied 'his first payment will be next Tuesday'.

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    2. tomano1


      Pmsl mint so how much a week see if u can put in for a grant for help with cage lead run etc

    3. PIL
    4. chris k
  6. quick question who picks a guide dogs shit up

    1. choo-choo


      whoever walks on it :)

    2. tomano1


      Nutter do u not no they are trained to use a pooper scuppers :)

  7. just watch the first one it was canny didnt think it would be the same with out andy whitfield same he died he was mint in first season
  8. in house watching baby looked in fridge no cans left then tomano1 turns up and gans to the shop for 8 tinnys is f*****g champion

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    2. big GJ

      big GJ

      the cans are just for me toma was just coming to see is for 5 f*****g my lass could drink them and not be pissed

    3. tomano1


      Big GJ I'll pick u not be long lol

    4. tomano1


      Big GJ I'll pick u not be long lol

  9. it was watching baby looked in fridge and theres no cans left f*****g sickna then tomano1 turns up gans to the shop for is champion

  10. £800 in 2 hours blew it all next day
  11. got a 177 air rifle but cant find info about it C.Y.T bascaran-eibar googled it but just comes up in spanish are something
  12. yes he is tenant council will not contro lrabbits so he should have the right to control pest a think
  13. can some one that rents the land off council give you permission to ferret it if the council are not doing anything about the rabbits
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